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I’ve dreaded having to compile this list for a few years now as I almost found it too daunting and risky. What would I be leaving out? Which albums would prove to be controversial inclusions? What haven’t I heard?

However, in curating this roll call of greatness, I was reminded of the stylistic diversity and strength heavy metal possesses and how it seems to constantly branch out into endless tributaries. We bore aural witness to resurrections, grizzled veterans coming back with grand statements, and newer acts either paying tribute to the past by reworking and reinvigorating classic genres or creating new ones altogether, all of it reverently building upon what has gone before. I tried to think of albums that I not only personally enjoyed but also seemed to have an impact on the scene. Some were just damn delectable records. Others created more plateaus and will influence scores of musicians and bands in the decades to come. The 2010’s will hopefully be seen in hindsight as a special era, one where the entire history of heavy metal was still in front of us, even as some of the old gods said farewell or left this plane altogether.

Note: As with my other lists, please keep in mind that the numerical rankings are pretty much arbitrary. Labels are in parentheses.

Seek these releases out wherever you may find them in the format of your choice if you haven’t heard them already.

1. Carcass-Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast) 2013
2. Icarus Witch-Goodbye Cruel World (Cleopatra) 2018
3. High Spirits-Another Night (High Roller) 2011
4. Melechesh-Enki (Nuclear Blast) 2015
5. Tomb Mold-Manor of Infinite Forms (20 Buck Spin) 2018
6. Ne Obliviscaris-Citadel (Season of Mist) 2014
7. Khemmis-Desolation (20 Buck Spin) 2018
8. Haunt-Burst Into Flame (Shadow Kingdom) 2018
9. Demon Eye-Prophecies and Lies (Soulseller) 2017
10. Cloak-To Venomous Depths (Season of Mist) 2017
11. Artificial Brain-Infrared Horizon (Profound Lore) 2017
12. Lady Beast-Vicious Breed (Cruz Del Sur) 2017
13. Akercocke-Renaissance In Extremis (Peaceville) 2017
14. Inter Arma-Paradise Gallows (Relapse) 2016
15. Obscura-Akroasis (Relapse) 2016
16. Eternal Champion-The Armor of Ire (No Remorse) 2016
17. Horseburner-Dead Seeds, Barren Soil (Hellmistress) 2016
18. Spellcaster-Night Hides the World (Prosthetic) 2016
19. Castle-Deal Thy Fate (Ripple Music) 2018
20. Tribulation-The Children of the Night (Century Media) 2015
21. Vhol-Deeper Than Sky (Profound Lore) 2013
22. Magic Circle-A Journey Blind (20 Buck Spin) 2015
23. Christian Mistress-To Your Death (Relapse) 2015
24. Allegaeon-Elements of the Infinite (Metal Blade) 2014
25. Behemoth-The Satanist (Metal Blade) 2014
26. Grand Magus-Triumph and Power (Nuclear Blast) 2014
27. Primordial-Where Greater Men Have Fallen (Metal Blade) 2014
28. Carousel-Jeweler’s Daughter (Tee Pee Records) 2013
29. Argus-Beyond the Martyrs (Cruz del Sur) 2013
30. In Solitude-The World. The Flesh. The Devil (Metal Blade) 2011
31. Kvelertak-Meir (Roadrunner) 2013
32. Kreator-Phantom Antichrist (Nuclear Blast) 2012
33. High On Fire-De Vermis Mysteriis (eOne Music) 2012
34. Eluveitie-Helvetios (Nuclear Blast) 2012
35. Gojira-L’Efant Sauvage (Roadrunner) 2012
36. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats-Blood Lust (Rise Above) 2011
37. Mastodon-The Hunter (Reprise) 2011
38. Wolftooth-s/t (Cursed Tongue) 2018
39. Rotting Christ-Aealo (Season of Mist) 2010
40. Blind Guardian-At The Edge of Time (Nuclear Blast) 2010
41. Arsis-Starve For The Devil (Nuclear Blast) 2010
42. Devin Townsend Project-Epicloud (InsideOut) 2012
43. Opeth-Heritage (Roadrunner) 2011
44. Graves At Sea-The Curse That Is (Relapse) 2016
45. Symphony X-Iconoclast (Nuclear Blast) 2011
46. Sanhedrin-The Poisoner (Cruz del Sur) 2019
47. Chevalier-Destiny Calls (Gates of Hell) 2019
48. Smoulder-Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring (Cruz del Sur) 2019
49. Ancient Empire-Wings of the Fallen (Stormspell) 2019
50. Blood Incantation-Hidden History of the Human Race (Dark Descent) 2019

Darren Lewis

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