M.U.S.E.The Fall of Me – The Phantom of the Opera(Cover)

Anthony McDonoughOctober 28, 2022

With Halloween coming up on Monday, I was scouring the internet for the perfect song that would encompass the spirit of the season. I landed on one by The Fall of Me, a gothic metal band hailing from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Boils and ghouls, I present the exclusive premiere of their cover of “The Phantom of the Opera”!

After an epic intro with spooky church organ sound, the guitar kick in as we get a faithful adaptation of the original song. Lead vocalist Chelsea Ritenour shows off her rousing pipes during the song, with Paul Lancaster giving us backing male vocals as he plays the role of The Phantom. The two of them mesh together flawlessly, giving us the experience one would expect when listening to this presentation.

In the video, we see Chelsea performing with candles, while the band just seriously rocks out, and it is just the perfect Halloween tune, giving that gothic flair. I enjoyed everything about this, and I feel you all will as well, especially for those who enjoy The Phantom of the Opera musical.

The Fall of Me has a self titled EP they released which you can listen to here!

You can check out more from them via the official website, Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram.