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Craig Ferry4 months ago1128 min

Listening to A Ray From The Sun, the new LP from The Fading Light, makes me really appreciate the level of talent in the Pittsburgh area. I had not heard of this band before I was asked to review their new LP that was released just yesterday. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but each song I listened to made me look forward to hearing the next one on the album. The song lyrics and musical composition came together to make this LP one that I had on repeat for much of my week.

The LP starts out with a song called “I Will”. The song has a beginning and ending transition that flows between an acoustic and rock sound that are a perfect compliment for this song’s vocals. The message of hope we want to give to those we care about is captured in the verse “You have to believe when I say it will get better.”

I think a lot of us can relate to the lyrics of “Ten Years” where we sometimes wonder what we have done with our lives. In this song the self doubt returns again in a decade as the song title suggests. Again with this song, an acoustic intro transitioning to the indie rock sound of most of this album is masterfully done. I could easily have been content to listen to an all acoustic version of this song after initially hearing the beginning, but listening to the way the was molded together, the switch mid song just works.

“All I Can Be”, a song about wanting to show our best to that person in our life, is one of those examples where the spaces between the lyrics are masterfully bridged with creative instrumental compositions. I enjoy how each song on the LP spotlights different instruments and never takes away from the songs as a whole.

This whole album has an upbeat feel to it, but the song “In The Morning” just seems to kick it up just a little bit more with its tempo and musical style. This seems fitting when considering that the song is about how we sometimes see someone in a better light than they see themselves.

Just when you think you are starting to get a feel for the different sounds of this band, The Fading Light throws a song like “Serenity” right in the middle. The composition of this piece, which spotlights their guitar skills, would be something I could unwind to after a hard day at work. I only have one “complaint” about this piece. At only a little over a minute long it left me wanting more. I wasn’t expecting this change up after hearing the other songs, but am glad they added this song which spotlights their versatility and comfort with different sounds.

There are several other songs that you need to check out, but I’m only going to talk about the song they chose to close out their LP. The driving rock beat of “Letting Go” is a perfect end to a well put together album. The Fading Light’s polished sound and simple things like the keyboard track in this song just gel together and leave me excitedly awaiting for what this band will have for us in the future. The message of this song is about emotionally letting go of someone at the end of a relationship. That’s definitely a good thing to do. But don’t let go of your phone, laptop or whatever device you’re reading this review before you go to someplace like Spotify and discover The Fading Light like I did this week.

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