ArticlesThe Drive Back Home’s Homage to Tony Hawk’s Underground Game

Denman RicciMarch 22, 2022

So, there was a hugely popular video game called Tony Hawk’s Underground that came out in the early 2000’s. If you were a kid born in the ‘90’s, this game was life! Nico Ricci was one of those kids. Within the game, there is a gap called “Alex’s Iced Tea”, and now there is a song called “Alex’s Iced Tea“, written by that kid Nico Ricci, and performed by the band The Drive Back Home!

Nico was born in the ‘90’s in Pittsburgh, PA, and spent some time in Natrona Heights, which as you can tell by the song left an indelible mark on him. And even though Nico decided to write a song about it instead of dealing with his frustrations on living there, we are the ones who actually benefit from it. So, thank you Nico for taking that route. If you haven’t heard this song, please listen to it right now!! Seriously, take a short break from reading this review and listen to this song…

Ok, did you listen to it? Pretty awesome, isn’t it? It’s really a catchy tune and there is so much to love about the song! I mean that opening riff, the fun and clever lyrics, and damn, those basslines? I mean c’mon man! But wait, there’s more! There is actually a video to go along with it!

Did you see that notorious shape shifter Billy Corgan? That is such a cool, fun video and really captures the funny personalities of the guys of The Drive Back Home. They are a group of really cool guys who love to make music, and it shows!!

Nico started playing guitar at a young age, and then at 15 he got a bass for Christmas, and that just sparked his creativity which soon turned into a full-on raging bon fire! He even got to play in his first band as a bassist with his dad when he was 17, and he was good, really good! He started his first band with his best friend Andrew Pollock called Pineapple Pizza, and for a 2-piece band, they really rocked it! Andrew on the cajón and gang shouts, and Nico on the acoustic guitar and vocals. Writing all original material, and occasional cover tunes with kazoo solos. Then they expanded and included Nico’s little brother Alex on bass when he was 14. And that 14 year old kid crushed it!

The music continued to mature and so did Nico. They went into the studio and the then 15-year-old, bass player, Alex Ricci, laid down the bass track that you actually hear on “Alex’s Iced Tea“. Nico decided to move to Louisville, KY and was fortunate enough to meet people who shared the same passion and tastes in music and join the craziness of Pineapple Pizza. Besides Nico on vox and guitar, Dan Cartledge is on lead guitar and backing vox, Jason Clarke is on bass and backing vox, and Eric Schneeberger is on drums and backing vox. And of course, they want to recognize Chris Tomlin as the provider of spiritual direction!

They realized they have something special and want to take everything to the next level, so they rebranded Pineapple Pizza into The Drive Back Home. They are currently in the studio recording their soon to be released album, Come & Find Me.