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The Drive Back Home, “Come and Find Me”, is a Real Life Journey

Hello Music Fans! Denman here! It’s been a long time since I last put a review out and this one is actually long overdue! This is a review of ‘Come and Find Me’, which is the debut album of The Drive Back Home, out of Louisville, KY.

The Drive Back Home Review 2Originally released in December of 2022, so even though it is late, consider it a late Christmas Present, as we go into spring (hopefully!). This album slaps at so many levels, because while you enjoy the fun energy of this band, you are also amazed at the musicianship and the depth of lyrics. There is so much to enjoy with this album!

What is so cool is that founding member/singer/songwriter/guitarist, Nico Ricci, a Pittsburgh born kid, doesn’t forget his roots! He starts and ends with throwback songs that were written and performed with his Pittsburgh band Pineapple Pizza, with best friend Andrew Pollock on the cajon, and later little brother Alex Ricci on bass.

The Drive Back Home Review 3Beach Interlude” is a dreamy little tune that invites you to ‘come and find him’ and join him on this little journey that is this little masterpiece of an album. Follow that up with “Pineapple Island”, which is a very breezy, cheerful tune where you actually feel like you’re on this make-believe dreamy island. One of my favorite things about this song is the background vocals and the gang shouts! Yes, it even has gang shouts! To me there is one voice that stands out amongst the background vocals, and the chorus at the very end. And that distinctive voice belongs to Abby Ricci!

As you continue the journey, you’re smacked with their hit single, “Alex’s Iced Tea”, which tells the tale of Nico’s not so pleasant time spent in Natrona Heights, PA. Check out the music video below.

“State of Aporia” is next. It’s a very angsty song and puts you in this very thoughtful mood. I feel wistful after listening to it, and I can’t explain it. The lyrics hit hard. There is a cool surprise at the end, a shoutout to a Pittsburgh film.

Then we get to my 2 favorite songs. “Maple Street” & “Thunderous”! There is so much to love here! As typical Nico, the Pittsburgh kid, he writes of Maple Street in the Renton neighborhood of Plum, PA. At least it’s an upgrade over his time in Natrona Heights!

The Drive Back Home Review 1 Jason Clark, who is also their banging bassist, does an incredible job on the background vocals! You will seriously love what he does on this song! And then there is Dan Cartledge! He is the lead guitarist and also does vocals. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he approaches this song! It is seriously a incredibly satisfying guitar experience! The song ends on such a satisfying note, but then you’re actually sad that the song is over!

“Thunderous” is a powerful song, and you will seriously walk away feeling incredible and ready to face every challenge head on! It’s a powerful story of healing and redemption! This is another song on the album that really demonstrates how good this band is. All of the moving parts are working in perfect harmony on this song.

And then last, but not least, is the chill & whimsical “Star Catchers”. Man, does this song groove! Just close your eyes and bop your head to it! You’ll feel so good! I need to give a shout out here. In my opinion it is a great demonstration of the bass guitar! That bassist is Alex Ricci. And he was only 15 when he recorded this! He makes the perfect Stank Face when he’s playing this song too! Check this live performance out:

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the steady percussion throughout this album! Big shout out to Eric Vaughn Schneeberger! His skills are definitely on display!

You’ll appreciate going on this little journey and be the better person for it! Even though Nico is living in Louisville, KY with his bandmates, it’s nice to know that you can take the kid out of Pittsburgh, but you can’t take the Pittsburgh out of the kid! Check out The Drive Back Home today!