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Ravyn X4 weeks ago977 min

“The world will not change for you. You must change your world.” – Addam Robert Paul (vocals)

The Destruct Principle. is performance art. It’s dark, gothic, industrial, metal, and heavily influenced by elements of Native American Spirituality, Satanism, and an affinity towards nature. Watching their live performances is something very unique, and commands attention to detail. One thing is for certain, you will never see anything else like it.

The Destruct Principle. was originally intended to be a performance art piece, with the main ideas and elements forming back in 2012 with Addam Robert Paul and Jared Barkley Wood. It wasn’t until 2016 however that it was finally cemented into a live performance. Influenced by many film composers and directors such as David Lynch, John Carpenter, and Angelo Badalamenti, and bands like Ministry, Dimmu Borgir, Skinny Puppy, and Behemoth, their debut album “The Malignant Hymn” came into existence Halloween 2018.

The Destruct Principle. has conducted their performance rituals alongside bands like Dead Animal Assembly Plant, PIG, Genitorturers, and Abbey Death, to name a few. I first had the pleasure of encountering such a ritual at Hambone’s last year with DAAP and Only Flesh, and was quite impressed with how cohesive the entire group was while performing. Be forewarned, their rituals are not for the faint of heart. They incorporate elements of Satanism, Magick, BDSM, and blasphemy in a one of a kind performance that I was definitely not expecting. It’s chaotic yet perfectly executed live.

“The Malignant Hymn”, their debut album, is overall very industrial, however many genres are dabbled into throughout it’s 12 tracks. Everything from black metal, industrial, ambient, and noise can be heard, and every one of them works. With track titles like “A Kingdom, Collapsed”, and “Behold! Your Heaven (Dripping With Blood)”, their signature sounds and lyrics will appeal to the most hardcore metal heads, especially fans of bands like Cradle of Filth and Rotting Christ. But the best track on the entire album in my personal opinion has to be “Self-Made Slave”. It’s powerful, loud as hell, and I think is the best example of the album and it’s content overall.

Their next release, “The Greater Magick Movement”, is slated for next year, and I’m sure if it’s anything like this release, I’ll absolutely love it. In the meantime, visit their bandcamp, pick up The Malignant Hymn, catch them at a live ritual in Eastern Pennsylvania at venues like The Dark Parlour, and watch for upcoming live stream events. Chaos reigns, and The Destruct Principle. channels it in a way nobody else can.

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