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The Demonic Brew of Astaroth and J9: Colt 45

Independent musician J9 has collaborated with the demonic Sam Astaroth to bring you the newest single and collaboration known as “Colt 45“.

The beats of this one is so dark and neurotic that they would belong to a David Lynch film, and with the demonic rapping of Sam Astaroth, it makes for something that mimics the themes of the song itself. This song is about the downward spiral that is cause of too much alcohol, and the dangers that it can cause. The guitar work on this one from Matt Groopie helped also heighten the brew that these two created in this song, making it into a very tasty concoction. The video showcases Sam as he growls his rhymes, drinks, growls some more, and essentially invites you down the descent into a personal hell that I am sure at one time or another we all have all experienced due to the devil that it is alcohol.

The video debuted today with the song “Colt 45” officially dropping on Dec 2nd, and you can presave that here.

The single will be off of the self titled album produced by J9, which he is currently releasing each song as a single, and you can check out his website for more details on those.