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The Death of Zenith – Sun and Moon

The work on the official soundtrack to the upcoming film Overnight produced by Solunar Records has been very fruitful indeed. On May 31st, the fourth single dropped, this time it is a solo effort from Caleb Straus’s new musical project The Death of Zenith. It is a cover of the song “Sun and Moon” originally performed by a band called Above and Beyond.

Where the original song was peppy and dance-centric, this version is more dark and industrial based. You can definitely hear the influences of Nine Inch Nails in this one. It starts gentle and then gets heavier as the song goes on. The vocal style from Caleb goes from crooning to screaming within the beat, displaying his ability of flawless vocal transitions that he is known for. Of course, the song goes along with the themes of eclipse and the patterns between the sun and the moon. So far, the singles from the soundtrack have knocked it out of the park, and this just adds to the list. This song is just another demonstration of what Death of Zenith has in store for us, and I don’t think anyone will be ready for the musical destruction he has planned for the future.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. In my opinion, you should end up very pleased with his rendition.