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The Dead Daisies

Honestly, when I heard the first line of “Chosen and Justified” by The Dead Daisies, I immediately took the review onto my plate. What I wasn’t ready for, was how amazing the song and this band in general, actually are! Once I heard this song and watched the visual, I kept asking myself why I was even writing this; I didn’t think I could have anything else to add! The experience truly speaks for itself!

The Dead Daisies are a rock band that has a punk style to them in my opinion, with a sound that makes my soul melt in an intensely, invigorating way. Current members David Lowy, Doug Aldrich, Glenn Hughes, and Tommy Clufetos take their old school sound and integrate it with a new school twist, especially when it comes to their visuals/ music videos; but it can be heard within the sound as well! Each track takes you on a journey through a story while the visual helps you solidify how you would imagine it in your own mind. It literally took me…way too long to write this, not only because of working through a mess of personal things but also because they are just so amazing! The band has evolved with many different members over the last almost two decades

When I first took this on I was planning to only write about the song Chosen and Justified, a newer track in the band’s portfolio that truly does do them justice, but The Dead Daisies are so much more than just one track. I mean, hell, they are going on a WORLD TOUR.

Their song “Chosen and Justified”, was a definite great taste of the spicy confections this band has formed for us all to savor. The song is found on the 2021 album “Holy Ground”, and it’s an explosion of hardcore guitar riffs, harmonious vocals, and clear passion. Honestly, it sounds like it should be featured in every action movie and video game, ever! From the way the drum beat smoothly aligns with the passionate shreds of guitar riffs from David and Doug, to how Glenn’s vocals are layered in with it all; it is hands down my favorite song of the album. The story for this track is based around the idea that the Earth has succumbed to an inevitable, of course, uninhabitable environment, thanks to the human race. A fleet in a ship named, “Chosen and Justified” is sent out in search of a new environment. In the visual, this story continues on showing the fleet finding a new planet, that they deem “Holy Ground”. The almost four-minute track is guaranteed to massage your brain in the best way.

The best part? The Dead Daisies have many other incredible tracks that you can indulge your eardrums with as well. While I browsed through their YouTube channel, specifically their recently released album, Holy Ground, I found “Like No Other” and “Saving Grace” two songs that seriously caught my attention. Another one that has the same aesthetic as “Chosen and Justified”, is “Unspoken.” His voices pitch is similar in the songs and the guitar in “Unspoken” gives me chills. The harmony in the chorus mixed with his strong vocals is everything. The band is clearly talented as hell as expected since they are, yanno, going on a world tour after their scheduled United States tour starting this summer that rolls into it starting with Ukraine! Their touring is scheduled off and on until July 2022!

Rock Band The Dead Daisies release their fifth studio album ‘Holy Ground’ (from left to right) – Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English and Hardline), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) and David Lowy (Mink and Red Phoenix)


The band is currently on fire, making music videos and preparing for their upcoming tour that will start in Florida and work it’s way up the East coast before the group journeys to Ukraine, Russia, Germany and more at the start of next year! The Dead Daisies are already at 49.4k subscribers on their YouTube channel alone, with the numbers growing! The band, created by David Lowy in 2012, has been formed, developed, and evolved with a rotating lineup of many members over the last 2 decades! Composing music with some of the greatest artists of this era! The current lineup is, as mentioned earlier  Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo, Glenn Hughes, and David Lowy. You can see the full list of the past members on their web page, The Story- The Dead Daisies.

Since listening to Chosen and Justified, my love for The Dead Daisies has dominoed and I’ve found myself trickling their tracks into my playlists to bless my soul with little moments of pure, pulsating harmonious, ecstasy. If you feel obligated to do the same, you can find their music and links to support the band below!






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