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    The Crowning comes to us out of Stroudsburg, P.A., with a sound that crosses Rock genres. A level of professionalism in all that they do, combined with the major talent of each member, is quickly making fans for them everywhere they reach with good reason. When Micah Martin first sent me the unreleased copy of their single “Stay” I knew by the third chord that I needed to stop everything I was doing and listen close because what I was hearing was incredible. It has remained one of my favorite songs and they have become one of my favorite bands, winning me over entirely with their first release “Red”, which features content the moved this avid music lover in a way I haven’t felt for years.


    The story behind the band is simple – musicians meet and magic was born. The Crowning is composed of Micah Martin (Vocals/Guitar), Ty Nordstrom (Bass), Walter Lee (Drums), and Ace Hendrix (Lead Guitar). Getting together in the summer of 2017 to play a single song, they realized in an instant that this was too good to be a one time thing and headed to the studio almost immediately. The result was their EP “Red”, which showcases music in a rare form, filled with heavy influences of bands still considered iconic; Tool, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and the like. Take your favorite parts of these bands, mix that into a newer sound that roams where it wants but keeps you in a cosmic feel that’s pulled through every song and you have “Red”. They don’t just play music, they play your mind, not shying away from old school use of sounds, such as metal ringing out like a sword from its sheath or rattling that sends a mild shiver, to add to the feel of the song and bring you the story in its entirety. With all that they do, this isn’t just a release of six songs a band threw together in a studio… This is an experience.


    The clean vocals and crips instruments carry throughout, from the jungle-like beats and intense guitar in “Fade”, into the melodic harmonies that bring you to the place where mourning breaks and hope begins to rise in “Young” and releasing you to the upbeat rhythm of “She’s Running”. This isn’t just a journey, it’s a voyage. Not since I first discovered my favorite bands as a teenager have I ever felt the need to simply sit quietly with headphones and allow the music to embrace me as my soul gets pulled in every direction. I’m taken to a private place with the pain and pleasure of “Stay”, building into an indescribable and overwhelming emotion that I’d rather you listen to and fully understand than reading my fumbling attempt to explain. There is a cosmic quality to their sound and a story in each song that gives the feeling of being connected.


    “Red” creates emotional artistry but doesn’t stop there, expect be moving to some of their songs. Not only does each song have the ability to grab those soft moments, they conjure up a type of strength we all have boiling inside of us. Maybe it’s driven beats of the drum or the way the guitarist has that uncanny ability to play in a way that will capture and hold your attention. Perhaps it’s the smooth vocals that mix things that aren’t expected. Micah’s deep alto is light and yet so powerful that I had to ask myself if I could use the term ‘melodic growls’ when talking about “Hard to Find” because of the ferocious power behind what I heard there, or it could be the bassline that blends, wrapping everything into it’s deep sounds so that it is the heartbeat you don’t notice until it stops. I don’t really care to know exactly what it is, I only care to play it on repeat as often as I can.

    For your taste of what I’m talking about, look up their website, Facebook page, or purchase the EP yourself. You can also check out their YouTube Channel which features lyric videos for the songs you’ll find on “Red”. I know you’re going to love them as much as I do.


Photo credit for featured image goes to: SICK Entertainment

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