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Having formed in 2003, The Breathing Process are a band that has endured myriad changes in terms of personnel and style. From the title to the actual content, Samsara, the band’s third album and first in six years, sounds and reads to be an allegory for their cyclical nature.

Vocals either hiss like locusts or roar like bears awakened from hibernation. Guitars die, decay, and are reborn, in triplicate no less. Cryogenic keyboards freeze everything into suspended animation until the concussive drums and bass can rumble it all free.

Samsara is also an aural memoir of a journey between dimensions of metal. Be it metalcore, death metal , black metal, and various progressive and symphonic subgenres, The Breathing Process themselves are the crew of a starship. Even geographically (if one notes their origins) the band has always been on an odyssey, learning, mining, assimilating, building the ultimate metal spacecraft.

The savvy riffery of Shadows Fall, the black downpour of Enslaved, the intellectualism  of Opeth, the frost of Dark Tranquility, and the emotional tides of Soilwork are all encapsulated within this masterstroke of an album that is a commendation letter to metal of the past two decades…and far, far beyond.

The Breathing Process are a singular septet that needs to on the radar of metal fans, journalists, and musicians worldwide as well as Pittsburgh, Samsara serving as their most opulent and definitive calling card to date.

Darren Lewis

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