Templars Venue

Suzanne Decree
Venue Coordinator
(724) 393-0943
A First Angel Media venue in association with Broken Plow Martial Arts Studio.
First Angel Media tries to find ways to help the music community and we’ve decided that local musicians could use a musician centered home base; with the help of our friends at Broken Plow Martial Arts, that idea has become a reality. With the opening of Templars we are able to offer a place for events, open mics, videography and more in a setting of a stylish old church.
Templars offers a small stage setting with a background of stained glass as well as an open area with no dedicated bar, perfect for all ages shows, though keg hook ups are available. With a capacity of approximately 100 to allow room for staff and bands, it also includes direct load in/load in parking at stage doors, an area for equipment directly off stage, and a main entry at the front of the building for audience entrance and ticket collection. The events will also include First Angel Media coverage!
As we move forward we will be adding to make this the best little venue we can!


No shows booked at the moment.

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