Music ReviewsTalion – Wretched Gift of Life

Anthony McDonough5 months ago2181 min

Talion is a thrash metal band that hails from Pittsburgh, PA, and on March 27th, they released their latest EP known as Wretched Gift of Life. Featuring 5 blistering tracks of mayhem, the album begins by luring you in with a gentle touch before pounding you with non stop in your face thrash metal. The lead singer Nick Fischer displays his voice talents, being able to go from screams to singing within a matter of moments, backed by pummeling drums and grinding guitars.

If you are a fan of thrash metal, as well as the local metal scene in the Pittsburgh area, I definitely recommend giving this a listen. You can find their latest EP on Spotify and Bandcamp, and be sure to follow Talion on their official Facebook page

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