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Charming Disaster and Their “Super Natural History” – Coming to Mr Smalls Funhouse April 30th

On the surface, Charming Disaster sound almost whimsical but a mere scratch will reveal their depth, and indeed their dedicated interest in darker matter. The Brooklyn ‘goth folk’ duo, sing about the occult, death, magic and… amateur science! The full-time touring/recording, and exquisitely attired pair, released their fifth album, ‘Super Natural History,’ on March 3. It contains solid mixes from Brooklyn, Maryland, and some home recordings, stitched together to faithfully capture the dark duo’s eerily...

Soulfly Shook the Crafthouse Stage!

This past Tuesday was a rainy and dreary day in Pittsburgh but a hot evening at The Crafthouse Stage and Grill for fans of metal, and especially fans of Soulfly. You’re probably not going to believe me but, I had no idea I’d be shooting this whole show. I was there for opening act Feast on the Fallen and planned on making it an early night, until I was approached by a man I’d never...

Infinity – Awakening

Philadelphia nu-thrash/hard rock outfit Infinity have recently dropped their debut album “Awakening“. With a commanding presence and a knack for melody and blistering technicality, the band are ready to hit the road and not look back with their brand of aggro-thrash. While “Awakening” doesn’t rewrite the handbook on old school thrash in any way, shape, or form….the band does however unite to provide a solid front with their influences on their sleeve. With their militant...