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Blood of the Beloved and The Death of Zenith, a grunge-metal collaboration that’ll leave you “Haunted”

Blood of the Beloved has released its latest brain-shocking, grunge track featuring The Death of Zenith on April 29. “Haunted” is another addition to the various genres that the group has explored through its singles and band features in other works.  A dark, soul-searching vibrato is accompanied by weighty instrumentals and horror-esque synths in this five-minute song. It gives listeners a fresh look at how Blood of the Beloved can conquer any style of the...

Solunar Records Radiates Passion for Success

Many people who we have worked with us have a passion in music, including FAM’s own wonderful management writer and content creator Caleb Straus. Straus and Daiza Gonzales have founded a Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania- based record label, Solunar Records, which will work with several artists, collaborate with Shellshock Studios in Pittsburgh, and is the recording studio for FAM. Straus and Gonzales have answered several questions to tell how their passions helped shape Solunar Records...