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Music Makes Me – Genre Oddities

Last week’s article contained a playlist to help you get inspired for the new year. This week I am exploring some genre oddities that I discovered when exploring one of the groups featured this week. A couple days ago in my Music Makes Me group I featured a band with a genre that I had never heard of before I found them. It made me start to wonder just how many genres there are today...

‘Music Makes Me’ – Hurdy-Gurdy

Last week’s “Music Makes Me” article was about discovering new artists in the music scene. This week’s Music Makes Me article fits perfectly into the theme of that article. I am going off the mainstream and down a road into the distant past, at least in some ways. Those of you that are music connoisseurs and love to discover new musical delicacies will appreciate today’s journey. This week’s spotlight is on Patty Gurdy, singer and...