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Creature Feature #7

Creature Feature #7

Events October 13, 2021
Creature Feature #6

Creature Feature #6

Events October 6, 2021
Creature Feature #5

Creature Feature #5

Events September 29, 2021
Creature Feature #4

Creature Feature #4

Events September 22, 2021
Creature Feature #7

EventsCreature Feature #7

October 13, 2021
Creature Feature #6

EventsCreature Feature #6

October 6, 2021
Creature Feature #5

EventsCreature Feature #5

September 29, 2021


Hanna Barakat Releases a Single Like a “Criminal”!

    I have recently discovered Austin, TX native Hanna Barakat. She has released a single called “Criminal”. Barakat was born to an American mother and Lebanese father. Her passion for Arabic music and culture has directed her to spend some time in Beruit after her graduation from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She blends an active rock, metal, and Arab- Oriental influences all into her craft. I have had the opportunity as...

Winter’s Descent Gives “Fortune” to 2021

With February coming to a close, Winter’s Descent released “Fortune“, a heavy hitting, triumphant, and bold new single. Opening with a time-tested fast palm muting guitar riff, “Fortune” immediately throws you into your seat while you bang your head and pump your fist. It’s verses are filled with poetic descriptions of an overtaking, long overdue. The use of multiple styles of vocals from gritty to clean vocals, and from chants to screams, keep the song...

Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – “Burn featuring Craig Owens” by Enda Vera

On this week’s Find Your Muse(ic) we bring you Nazareth, Pennsylvania’s Enda Vera and their new single “Burn”. Caught somewhere between Emo and Post Hardcore bravado and brooding Post Grunge antics, “Burn” is a slow burner (no pun intended) that swells and exudes the emotions of a human being at the end of their rope. With beautiful acoustic arrangements topped with amazingly emotional and convincing vocal performances, it makes me wonder why a band of...

Post Mortal Possession “Gates of Lyssa” Single Review

Arguably one of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s heaviest, Post Mortal Posession have just released their brand new single “Gates of Lyssa” exclusively through Slam Worldwide and boy, is it a grinding barrage of Slam and Brutal Death Metal. If Waking the Cadaver and Embryonic Devourment had invested in modern recording production, you would get a glimpse of what we have in “Gates of Lyssa”. I closed my mind while I let Post Mortal Possession bash my head...

Escape With Me By Elisa Duwez

Occasionally something very interesting finds its way to the writing desks of First Angel Media. For instance, a new song from a French vocalist. No, not someone who just got their DNA test back and is now wearing berets and correcting everyone on their pronunciation of the word crepes. An actual artist based in France with new material to be looked. A chance to review material from an artist of another artist is certainly a...

Chicago-Based Psithurism Release New Single

On Friday, September 13th, Chicago-based progressive deathcore act Psithurism released a new single titled Bloodlust. While the track maintains the style I’ve come to expect from the band, there’s a bit more genre-fusion when compared to their self-titled EP from earlier this year. The EP was filled with brutal, battering riffs, a mixed bag of bone-crushing screams from vocalist Matt Matigian, and ambient sections designed to build anticipation and anxiety. Bloodlust contains those same elements,...