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‘Music Makes Me’ – Favorite Concert

My last Music Makes Me article was about my dilemma in picking my top favorite songs. If you are curious how I was able to narrow it down after much deliberation check it out. This week’s article was spawned by a night out with friends. The discussion turned to music and all the concerts we attended.  It also had me pondering this morning what was my favorite concert. I have easily seen over 1000 bands...

‘Music Makes Me’ – Charlie Watts

Last week I introduced you to a band that created some controversy with their release of a cover of the Cranberry’s song “Zombie”. This week is not about controversy but is a tribute to one of rock and roll’s legends, drummer Charlie Watts. Watts was the drummer for the Rolling Stones since 1963. He played on all of their studio albums and was one of the remaining core members of the band. I didn’t know that...

‘Music Makes Me’ – Vol. 3 – Import Charge Spotify Playlist

February was the month of broken romance with my ‘Love Songs?’ playlist. But this month we are sneaking across the American border with my Spotify playlist ‘Import Charge’. I know I never really paid attention to the country of origin for most bands. Sure most people, even if it was before your time, remember hearing about the ‘British Invasion’ in music. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the recipients of young ladies...