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Creature Feature #7

Creature Feature #7

Events October 13, 2021
Creature Feature #6

Creature Feature #6

Events October 6, 2021
Creature Feature #5

Creature Feature #5

Events September 29, 2021
Creature Feature #4

Creature Feature #4

Events September 22, 2021
Creature Feature #7

EventsCreature Feature #7

October 13, 2021
Creature Feature #6

EventsCreature Feature #6

October 6, 2021
Creature Feature #5

EventsCreature Feature #5

September 29, 2021


Soulfly Shook the Crafthouse Stage!

This past Tuesday was a rainy and dreary day in Pittsburgh but a hot evening at The Crafthouse Stage and Grill for fans of metal, and especially fans of Soulfly. You’re probably not going to believe me but, I had no idea I’d be shooting this whole show. I was there for opening act Feast on the Fallen and planned on making it an early night, until I was approached by a man I’d never...

Royal Honey, Sweet Heat EP Release Show

I hopped in my car with my camera, batteries charged, and headed to Lawrenceville for my first ever trek to The Thunderbird Café and Music Hall to witness The Vault Records presents: Royal Honey & Friends – Sweet Heat CD Release party. The night featured Domenic Fusca, The Borstal Boys, Slam Band & Sam, The Cheats, and Royal Honey. Let’s start out with talking about The Thunderbird Café and Music Hall. It took two trips...

Winter’s Descent Gives “Fortune” to 2021

With February coming to a close, Winter’s Descent released “Fortune“, a heavy hitting, triumphant, and bold new single. Opening with a time-tested fast palm muting guitar riff, “Fortune” immediately throws you into your seat while you bang your head and pump your fist. It’s verses are filled with poetic descriptions of an overtaking, long overdue. The use of multiple styles of vocals from gritty to clean vocals, and from chants to screams, keep the song...

God Hates Unicorns – No Gloryholes in Heaven

Hailing from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, God Hates Unicorns is here to introduce us to their sleazy brand of rock with their debut album No Gloryholes In Heaven. The album contains ten tracks with an additional two bonus tracks; their quirky cover of “Man I Feel Like A Woman” and bombastic “Chipped Ma’am“, and was produced with the assistance of Razorblade Recordings. God Hates Unicorns is comprised of six members and was formed in 2014 by vocalist,...

“SOS 2020” Brings Together Over 60 Artists for Relief to Local Venues

A song performed by over 60 artists from over 27 bands, SOS 2020 is a call for help in the middle of a pandemic as well as an anthem of hope across the music community of Pittsburgh. Even with the approval of the Save Our Stages Act, there is an immediate need for funds for Pittsburgh’s venues as has been seen with the closure of The Rex Theatre from the coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to...

Brutal Winter 2020 Charity Stream

This past weekend we took time to attend an awesome charity event with Demo Demon of Brutal Business Entertainment for a 24 hour gaming stream event to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life. Lots of BBE artists and models came together to raise money for our local hospitals, as well as several close friends of the company. I decided I’d let Demo (Cody Howard) tell us a little bit more about the event...

A Rise and Fall of Venues – Saying Goodbye to the Rex Theater

Farewell to a Vital Pulse Beat, in the Heart of a Town, The Rex Theater. If you look up the word ”venue” in a random google search, you’ll see references to; a place where something happens, or somewhere organized events take place. Plain and simple, right? So shouldn’t things like hotel conference rooms, the back patio of someone’s house and churches make the list? A rollicking great time can be had by all in many...

Seethe ‘Abstract Thoughts’  is Aggression Unrepressed

Musical mastermind, head of Brutal Business Entertainment, Patrick McElravy brings another trap metal bombshell with his latest upcoming album “Abstract Thoughts” under his project Seethe. Imagine if you will, taking the love child of Marilyn Manson and Phil Anselmo, sledge hammering it through a cybernetic meat grinder, all while maniacally screaming into the void, and that’s still not as twisted and gnarly as what you’ll hear on this release. One thing is for sure, this...

Enough is Enough, Music is Not Dead

Call me stubborn, I know I am. Say I’m trapped in some dream world of rainbows and unicorns not looking at reality? Yeah, it’s been said before, but you know what? My hope, love, sunshine and rainbows attitude is wrapped around a spine of steel and a heart made of fire so if you aren’t ready for some hard truth of the positive type, and my own personal brand of a Come-to-Jesus moment about music...

Post Mortal Possession, “Catacombs Of Bedlam” – A Relentlessly Brutal Horror Show

Post Mortal Possession recently released “Catacombs of Bedlam”, which in’t your ordinary album but a journey through an institutionalized hell and, as our writer Josh Doran put it, “A relentlessly brutal horror show”. We asked him to give it a review and he broke it down for us…   Catacombs of Bedlam by Post Mortal Possession 1. “Demented” Introducing the concept of the album, this track paints a picture of the story of Bedlam, a...