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Find Your MUSE: Ironside – State of Control

Pittsburgh hardcore band Ironside is here to make a statement in their single “State of Control” The song starts out fierce out the gate with thrashing guitar work and strong vocals. It keeps the intensity up until the end and will have metalheads pumping their fist and headbanging with wild abandon. The video shows scenes of the band performing the song, sometimes on stage and also shows them walking around different locations around the Pittburgh...

Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – “Out of the Urn” by Iron Brigade

On this week’s Find Your Muse(ic) we have Pittsburgh based Power Metal outfit Iron Brigade and their debut single “Out of the Urn“. Featuring a blistering gallop and melodic lead guitars, Iron Brigade charge through unabashed with technical flair and melodic gusto. The band sets the perfect backdrop for singer Jared Carns to lead the way with his soulful bravado in a rather commanding and powerful vocal performance. I’ve been waiting a long time to...

Find Your MUSE(ic): 9 Stitch Method “Ceiling” Lyric Video

On this week’s Find Your Muse(ic) we have 9 Stitch Method with their single “Ceiling” off of their album “Jaywalking Somnambulist“. Ceiling hits straight for the gut with punishing groove and technical guitar work along with the menacing vocal work that the band have become known for. The infamous duo have had a rather proactive and productive year in 2019 and we can’t wait to see what the band plans to unfold in the year 2020...