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‘Music Makes Me’ – Favorite Concert

My last Music Makes Me article was about my dilemma in picking my top favorite songs. If you are curious how I was able to narrow it down after much deliberation check it out. This week’s article was spawned by a night out with friends. The discussion turned to music and all the concerts we attended.  It also had me pondering this morning what was my favorite concert. I have easily seen over 1000 bands...

‘Music Makes Me’ – Vol. 2 – Love Songs? Spotify Playlist

January was the month of ‘New Beginnings‘ and February is the month of romance.  This makes perfect sense since it is the month that has Valentines Day.  People are buying flowers, eating dark chocolates out of gaudy heart shaped boxes or creating a sappy Spotify playlist of romantic music.  Others may pick this month to propose or get married, as it is the month for lovers.  But that isn’t the case for everyone.  Some people...