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Some Faith, Faux Fear, and Take Me With You Tear the Walls Down at Whisper Nest

My friends have been telling me about Whisper Nest for a while now. It’s a cool little bar and venue in the heart of Millvale that’s known for having the coolest clientele in the music scene. Naturally, I had never been (LOL).  Happily, I finally had an opportunity last Thursday (11/17) to check the place out. Not only were two of my favorite bands, Some Faith and Faux Fear, PLUS a third band I’d wanted...

Black Ridge Lights Up the City with their CD Release Party for “Raw Power”

Black Ridge hosted their “Raw Power” CD Release Show at Next Door Café on Thursday, November 10th. A close friend (Bill from Build the Scene) suggested Jana (the boss of my fam, First Angel Media) and I attend, and he didn’t exactly have to twist our arms to make it happen. Anyone who has any experience with these guys absolutely adores them. A chance to see an amazing band with my amazing friends? Count me...

Half-Covered Halloween part 7.1: OZZFEST

Some Die Nameless, a well-respected, loved, and even adored promoter team in Pittsburgh presented a 7th round of their “Half-Covered Halloween” show tradition. This year was a little different than in years past, though. They have split the event into two, each having a specific theme. On October 22nd, round one went down at Ormsby Ave Cafe and Outdoor Stage. The theme was Ozzfest, and the participating bands did not disappoint in bringing this to life....

Roots to the Future – UK Garage, with Music Producer and Founder of Jazz Step FM, Phonetix

The world of electronic dance music (EDM) is vast and far reaching. On the surface, we can find popular genres at our local night clubs like house, dubstep, and techno. We can hear EDM influences in our pop music on the radio, and for those of us who attend the occasional music festival, we can count on hearing the harder, high energy, bass-heavy genres like Drum and Bass (DnB), Glitch Hop, Trap, Drumstep, Hardcore, and...

God Hates Unicorns with Eglaf

And we’re back with another amazing episode of “Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU”! Here with us today we have our friends, the EGG-cellent Eglaf! These guys came out of the pandemic swinging. We saw them at the Hard Rock for their SECOND SHOW OUT and were absolutely blown away. These guys are tight, have great energy, and are absolutely sweet as pie. Don’t let that fool you...

Heavy Metal Prey for Nothing Release Kivshan

When the heavy metal band Prey for Nothing happened upon my computer screen, I was immediately hooked on the name alone. I soon found out that the kick-a$$ metal name was hardly the coolest thing they were bringing to the table. Their sound is delightfully diverse and powerful, and they quickly became a new addition to my daily mix. These cats aren’t at all new to the scene though. Based out of Israel, they’ve been...

God Hates Unicorns with Jon Siren

And we’re back with another unbelievable episode of “Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU”! Here with us today we have probably the closest person to being as good as us we’ve had on the show to date, Jon Siren! 🚨 Extremely accomplished drummer, songwriter and author, Jon is doing what many of us dream about. He’s currently drumming/touring with an impressive lineup of bands including Front Line Assembly,...

God Hates Unicorns with Paul G from Black Ridge

And we’re back with another stupendous episode of “Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU”! Here with us today we have the fantastic Paul G. from Black Ridge! 🖤 Black Ridge is a band for EVERYONE. Their sound is everywhere, their show is unforgettable, and they always have something for the kids, too. They have a new album coming next month that you are NOT gonna want to miss!...

God Hates Unicorns with Tori Adams

And we’re back with another fabulous episode of “Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU”! Here with us today we have the incredible Tori Adams! 💖 We are talking about music of course, and everything she has coming down the pike. There is much laugh and much sing! Also thank you to our sponsor this week, carrots! Not any specific brand, just the idea of carrots. 🥕 So check...