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Find Your MUSE: Cultus Black – Lorelei

Cultus Black who just concluded their run on the Static-X Rise of the Machines tour recently released a new music video for their single “Lorelei”. This serves as an introduction to this enigmatic band and what their style is about. Drums kick in as the song begins, quickly joined by intense guitars and melodies. The song tells a gothic tale regarding Lorelei who in mythology is a siren of immense beauty whose songs lead sailors...

Find Your MUSE: Uzkost – For Property and Profit

Pittsburgh blackened and doomed death metal band Uzkost recently came out with a music video for their single “For Property and Profit”. For them, this was more of a personal affair, and it makes this song more different than anything they released so far. The song is heavy as heck and does not hesitate in being as brutal as possible. Full of blast beats, growls, and pummeling drums, this will kick your butt and then...

Find Your MUSE: Frenchy and the Punk – Church of Sound

Alternative folk cabaret Frenchy and the Punk recently debuted a video for the single “Church of Sound”. What we have here is a song full of gentle acoustical guitars matched by the powerful and haunting vocals of the songstress of the group. It is a very beautiful song matched by a video shot in monochrome showing the duo performing the song with various scenery intercut in. It is something I could see those of the...

Find Your MUSE: Dying Oath – Ascenscion

Female fronted metalcore band Dying Oath recently released their 4th single “Ascension”, and it absolutely crushes. The song immediately starts off with heavy guitar riffs, and heavy artillery drum beat. The lead vocalist Mindy Jackson boasts death growls and venomous vocals that add to the energy of the song. The song is meant as a warcry to those who been through abuse and find that they cannot escape it. There is way out, a way...

Find Your MUSE: INVA//ID – Snow

Dark electronic band Inva//id from Los Angeles recently debuted a music video for their track “Snow”. Let’s take a look-see at what they have to offer. The song starts with guitars, and just gets more intense from there with its dark beats and vocals that are both shouty yet quiet at times. This is the kind of song that makes you want to bring out the stomping boot as you march to the beat. As...

Find Your MUSE: Sapphira Vee – Metamorph

Distortion Productions artist Sapphira Vee presents her new single “Metamorph” With a dark electronic staccato beat combined with the ethereal singing of the songstress, this song displays her talents as a songwriter as well as musician. The single is something that is both dreamy and with a little edge to it. The video displays her walking through various locations, sometimes sitting on a bed, and reaching out as she passes by a mysterious stranger. As...

Find Your MUSE: Gravebirth – Rottting in Slow Motion

I have another exclusive premiere for you this week as Pittsburgh Deathcore Metal Band Gravebirth dropped a new music video for their new single “Rotting in Slow Motion” via SLAM WORLDWIDE. This song starts out by opening a can of whoop ass on you with its intense guitar and bass stylings. Complete with guttural vocals, this song will have you headbanging and get you in a stompy mood. Metalheads will definitely eat this one up....

Find Your MUSE: Hematite – Adios

Today, I have something fresh and piping hot for you. A brand new project known as Hematite, which is southern gothic duo, has recently come to fruition and they are releasing their debut single known as “Adios”. The song gets started with groovy guitar that makes the song one of those ones I can see people just feeling the vibe of. What makes this song different is the harsh vocal style, which usually is more...

Find Your MUSE: Missfit Toys – Submit to Slaughter

Hailing from Florida, Missfit Toys is an industrial band that recently joined Distortion Productions and then subsequently released a new album. They dropped a music video for one of the tracks called “Submit to Slaughter”. It starts with a layer of quiet dread before the pummeling beats kick in. Discordant synths join in as well as menacing vocals, and all of that makes for one heck of a juicy track. This is aggrotech at its...

Find Your Muse: The Parishables – Droid

I love music that likes to be fun, and the latest single from The Parishables called “Droid” is exactly that. It really put a smile on my face. This rocker gets started from the moment it gets started with amazing guitar work. The lyric delivery is pretty good as well as the single tells of a dystopian future where machine has dominion over man. It also could be social commentary how everyone is just mindless...