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Find Your MUSE: Alive in Barcelona – Parasite(Official Music Video)

Today, we have an exclusive premiere from Alive in Barcelona for their brand new single “Parasite”. Melodic and hard hitting, the song starts off with soft vocals before transitioning to pulse-pounding rock sound. The vocals hit pretty well in this one, and combining with the hard rock sound of the guitars, it makes for a song to throw your horns up to. As to what the song is about, here is what they had to...

Find Your MUSE: Royal Honey – “Dirty Romance”

Check out the video from Royal Honey that they released last Friday. In my opinion, the video is a romping good time, the song itself is infectious, and by the end, it will leave you with a smile on your face “Dirty Romance” is the first single from Royal Honey’s debut CD Hype, Money And Misbehavior.  Originally released in June 2019, it was written by Dave Musick, recorded, mixed and mastered by Bob McCutcheon of...

Nocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics

Let’s dive into this sludgy, hard rock song and get to the bottom of what it all means.  Curtain Call Records recording artists Nocion are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico formed in 2001.   “The Grave” talks about the spoils of war, mostly the death of young, innocent children whose voices can’t be heard, mostly b/c of their age (babies). The Grave They made their graves Deaths in vain They killed them all A...

Find Your MUSE – ‘Fear of Faith’ by Tyrant

‘Fear of Faith’ by Tyrant (Official) – This Weeks Find Your MUSE Feature Coming at you from Lansing, MI this feature is out just in time to introduce you to this amazing band right before they hit the Pittsburgh, PA scene for a show March 13th at Cattivo – Tyrant | 3/13 at Cattivo With influences such as Metallica, Rush, and Lamb of God, you get a pretty good idea of the old school sound...

Find Your MUSE(ic) – FAM Exclusive! – “Peace of Mind” by Andy Oddo

We have a very special Find Your Muse(ic) this week over here at FAM. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based guitarist Andy Oddo has been rather busy as of late and well…..everywhere to be frank. Having recently joined local Alternative Metal titans Transcendance and with his other project Victoria Fire picking up steam rather quickly, it goes without saying the music is just flowing from the man. While all of this is excellent (and believe me it is),...

A Look at the Lyrics – Chip & The Charge Ups ‘Black and Gold Christmas’

Chip & The Charge Ups is using this opportunity to spread the holiday spirit to those in need in its hometown. The band has partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Under this partnership, the band will donate profits from the sale of Black and Gold Christmas t-shirts to the Food Bank. Chip & The Charge Ups Black and Gold Christmas   “Coming back to the 412, I got all my presents bought...

Find Your Muse(ic): Video of the Week – Heartsick “Shadow”

#findyourmuse – Heartsick “Shadow” Heartsick have dropped the brand spanking new video for their single “Shadow“, and boy is it a doozy. Featuring a dark industrial vibe, the track creeps and crawls with enough emotional anguish to wake the dead. Heavy, low tuned guitars crush and pound with rhythmic precision amongst the band’s electronic and ambient backdrop. It’s been done before, but man these guys hit the mark in all the right places with dynamic...

Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – 9 Stitch Method “Sleep”

This weeks Find Your MUSE(ic) feature is Sleep, a track from the upcoming release “Jaywalking Somnambulist” by 9 Stitch Method. These guys have been making waves and it’s no surprise. With the ability to take you through a roller coaster of emotions with dark, emotionally driven music that doesn’t follow the ‘industry standard’ of easily ingested lyrics and simple riffs, they weave a web of tortured dreamland with “Sleep” that exists only in the minds...

Find Your Muse(ic): Video of the Week – Love The Hate “Could Have Known”

Find Your Muse(ic): Video of the Week – Love The Hate “Could Have Known” **JUST RELEASED** Today on “Find Your Muse(ic)” we are excited to premiere the brand new music video for “Could Have Known” by hard rockers Love the Hate. Featuring superb vocals and instrumentals, the band rock hard with intense melodic sensibilities and tight vocal harmonies as they blast their way through a fantastic slab of post grunge rock n’ roll. Smokey and...

Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Greywalker “Beyond the Glow”

“Beyond the Glow” by Greywalker is this weeks Find your MUSE(ic) video feature! In recent years Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Greywalker have started to become something of a household name amongst the ranks of it’s metal scene. The band’s new music video “Beyond the Glow” is a pretty damn good representation as to why the band’s popularity is spreading like wild fire. Ranging from the pseudo-metalcore tendencies of Darkest Hour to the Gothenburg melodeath of At the...