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Find Your MUSE: Hemlock For Socrates – Around in Circles

There is magic within the music of Hemlock for Socrates, and just to show what that means, they released a video for their new single “Around in Circles” The style of the music here is very swirly and magical in nature, and it has a gentle pristine touch to it. The vocals compliment the song very well with the addition of chimes in the mix. The video itself is pure white with crystals, views of...

Three bands, one great evening at The Bridge!!

I’ve been hearing good things about The Bridge Music Bar in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, so I was excited to be able to check it out for the first time this past Thursday February 23rd. The fact there was an amazing line-up of bands made it even more special, First let me begin by telling you that the venue was worth the hype. It is an amazing spot for live shows with plenty of...