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Black Ridge Lights Up the City with their CD Release Party for “Raw Power”

Black Ridge hosted their “Raw Power” CD Release Show at Next Door Café on Thursday, November 10th. A close friend (Bill from Build the Scene) suggested Jana (the boss of my fam, First Angel Media) and I attend, and he didn’t exactly have to twist our arms to make it happen. Anyone who has any experience with these guys absolutely adores them. A chance to see an amazing band with my amazing friends? Count me...

Half-Covered Halloween part 7.1: OZZFEST

Some Die Nameless, a well-respected, loved, and even adored promoter team in Pittsburgh presented a 7th round of their “Half-Covered Halloween” show tradition. This year was a little different than in years past, though. They have split the event into two, each having a specific theme. On October 22nd, round one went down at Ormsby Ave Cafe and Outdoor Stage. The theme was Ozzfest, and the participating bands did not disappoint in bringing this to life....

Heavy Metal Prey for Nothing Release Kivshan

When the heavy metal band Prey for Nothing happened upon my computer screen, I was immediately hooked on the name alone. I soon found out that the kick-a$$ metal name was hardly the coolest thing they were bringing to the table. Their sound is delightfully diverse and powerful, and they quickly became a new addition to my daily mix. These cats aren’t at all new to the scene though. Based out of Israel, they’ve been...

The Alice In Wonderland Experience

On Saturday August 20th, members of First Angel Media comprising of Ravyn, Bella Rotten, Jana Lee Macheca, A.L. McDonough, and two members of CRASH ARMY participated in The Alice In Wonderland Experience created by CluedUpp Games. The object of the game was to use clues provided in the app to locate Alice. Essentially, you would go to one location, solve the challenge presented to you, and then you would go to the next location. It...

Smiling in the Suffering – A Tantalizing New EP from Traverse the Abyss

I’d heard OF Traverse the Abyss before but I’d never HEARD them, so when the powers that be over at FAM told me to check ‘em out I was delighted to oblige. Based out of Scranton, PA (home of The Office, I bet no one’s ever mentioned that before) they started in the scene in 2016. I aimlessly scrolled through all their Facebook photos, and they seem like a lot of fun (it’s not weird, this...

Prime 8’s Praiseworthy Pursuit, Gods of the Anthropiods

Pittsburgh favorite Prime 8 just dropped their new album, Gods of the Anthropiods, on all streaming services. Of course I had to give it a little lookie-loo, and I’m here to share my findings with the class. This album starts off with a really cool synth track called “Misdirection” that’s both dancey and dark. The metal vocal samples were the perfect match to the electronic groove, and it was a great intro for what’s to...

Hayley and Josh Celebrate New Album

In August, Hayley Dailey had told me how she and Josh were planning to close out October with a show/CD Release party with their bandmates for their most recent record, The Hayley and Josh Album. The 11 tracks had been released during Covid and did not get near the amount of traction they deserved. Having already heard some of the songs, I immediately decided I would go. Not just to support my friend and local...

Brady Novotny “Redemption’s Cry” – A Look at the Lyrics

  The story behind Redemption’s Cry is kind of a mysterious one. I remember that it was a warm September evening. I went down to my studio to just play my guitar. I really just wanted to play and not to write, but somehow this song was ready to be birthed. When the baby is ready to come out, there is no stopping it. So as I was noodling around I started to play this...

Nocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics

Let’s dive into this sludgy, hard rock song and get to the bottom of what it all means.  Curtain Call Records recording artists Nocion are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico formed in 2001.   “The Grave” talks about the spoils of war, mostly the death of young, innocent children whose voices can’t be heard, mostly b/c of their age (babies). The Grave They made their graves Deaths in vain They killed them all A...