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Find Your MUSE: Lexi Layne – Self Sabotage

Keeping with the spooky theme, here we have Lexi Layne with her horror themed video for her new single “Self Sabotage”! The song wastes no time in getting started hard and heavy with powerhouse vocalizations from the lead female vocalist. There is a very intense breakdown section with guttural roars and the song ends with a bang not a whimper. The video itself sees Lexi covered in blood in a bathroom with some haunting imagery...

Find Your MUSE: Bullet to the Heart: Black Widow(Official Music Video)

September is here, which means spooky season has begun! That also means from now until end of October, you can expect MUSE to get a bit darker for the most part. And to kick us off, we have the new single from Bullet To The Heart called “Black Widow”. The song has some sick riffs throughout with the lead vocalist showing off her beautiful voice delivery. She also plays the role of the femme fatale...

Find Your MUSE: Alive in Barcelona – Parasite(Official Music Video)

Today, we have an exclusive premiere from Alive in Barcelona for their brand new single “Parasite”. Melodic and hard hitting, the song starts off with soft vocals before transitioning to pulse-pounding rock sound. The vocals hit pretty well in this one, and combining with the hard rock sound of the guitars, it makes for a song to throw your horns up to. As to what the song is about, here is what they had to...

Find Your MUSE: Losing September – What’s Your Mission(Official Music Video)

Today, I am proud to present the official premiere of Losing September‘s newest single called “What’s Your Mission” Let’s first focus on the vocal style in the song. It is rich and powerful, and is meant to inspire something within the listener. The guitar work is frolicking and the gentler sections really help build the connection even more. The video shows the band performing the song, showing off their undeniably theatrical presence. As to what...

Find Your MUSE: The Bellwether Syndicate – Dystopian Mirror(Official Music Video)

Dark alternative duo The Bellwether Syndicate, is a duo composed of William Faith formerly known from Christian Death and Sarah Faith, also known as DJ Scary Lady Sarah. They are gearing up for releasing a new album, and to give us a taste, released a new single called “Dystopian Mirror” The song is very kinetic, starting out fierce, and keeping up the tempo the whole time. Vocals flow very well, and the guitar work is...

Find Your MUSE: Scarlett O’Hara – Witching Hour(Official Music Video)

Get ready to witchy with Scarlett O’Hara with their latest release “Witching Hour”. After a haunting start, the song gets heavy and loud with heavy metal sound with a combination of melodic vocals that gets intense during the chorus. Everything flows together to create a in your face bombastic hit. As far as the theme of the song, here is what the lead singer Moses Lopez had to say: “The instrumentals for Witching Hour have...

Find Your MUSE: Midnight Nightmare – Fear & Apathy(Official Music Video)

Did I mention that I absolutely love bands that have a taste for the theatrical? Midnight Nightmare is just another example of that, looking straight out of horror movie with their latest music video for the single “Fear & Apathy”. With beats that bleed absolute evil, the song ushers our descent into darkness. With a corrosive vocal style, this is an example of industrial music that introduces a little anarchy into our lives. Heavy and...

Find Your MUSE: CRASH ARMY – Edward Scissorhands (Official Music Video)

CRASH ARMY collaborated with First Angel Media to present the grunge rocker known as “Edward Scissorhands”. The song speaks of the consequences of chasing after the wrong kind of lover. No matter how much you try to change yourself to meet their standards, if they are not meant for you, you will just get yourself hurt in the end. The video gives a darker version of that tale, with the results not being so well...

Brady Novotny “Redemption’s Cry” – A Look at the Lyrics

  The story behind Redemption’s Cry is kind of a mysterious one. I remember that it was a warm September evening. I went down to my studio to just play my guitar. I really just wanted to play and not to write, but somehow this song was ready to be birthed. When the baby is ready to come out, there is no stopping it. So as I was noodling around I started to play this...

Nocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics

Let’s dive into this sludgy, hard rock song and get to the bottom of what it all means.  Curtain Call Records recording artists Nocion are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico formed in 2001.   “The Grave” talks about the spoils of war, mostly the death of young, innocent children whose voices can’t be heard, mostly b/c of their age (babies). The Grave They made their graves Deaths in vain They killed them all A...