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Suzanne DeCree10 months ago2545 min

It’s the kind of piano line that should be played in a dark and smoky bar. Simple, emotional, powerful.  The vocals start: soft and sultry.

The music keeps its simplicity and emotion as the verse leads the way to the chorus. The guitar is reminiscent of Larry Carlton – every note perfectly tasteful. It’s almost understated, but you couldn’t imagine the song without it. Like a subtle perfume, you’re not really aware of it but you’d miss it if it were to disappear.

Hailing from New Jersey, Brianna Musco offers her vocal prowess on her new EP, Forever.  The titular track should be plenty for any fan of Bogie and Bacall to reminisce about the smoky barroom scenes of the iconic duo.

Brianna also studied classical guitar at both Delaware State and Monmouth Universities.  It is, somewhat ironically, in the vocal arrangements where that classical training becomes apparent.

The harmonies weave in and around the melody like a well-arranged quartet.

“Ringling” is the rocker of the EP.  While this track does come shy of all-out headbanging, there is definitely some head bobbing and toe-tapping.  From the catchy the melody and orchestrated harmonies to the pounding rhythm section and rock guitar that would make any classic rock fan proud, this song definitely gets my vote for best track of the offering.

Track number three is not enough. No, really. That’s the title. “Not Enough” is a return to the barroom piano and sultry vocal of the title track.  This is where Brianna shines.  While she has the power to hold her own, her voice seems like it was built to counterpoint sparse instrumentation.  The simpler the arrangement, the more raw emotion she pours into her lyrics and the more she draws the audience in.

The fourth track is “Heaven”. Of all the tracks on Forever, this was the one I expected to be a piano ballad. I was pleasantly surprised to find another upbeat rocker.  Unlike “Ringling”, it’s the acoustic guitar that really shines on this one.  The arrangement is reminiscent of Heart with the interplay between acoustic and electric guitars.  Definitely another favorite of the EP.

“Stay”, the fifth and final song of the Forever EP is a nice blend of everything that has come before it.  The song begins with a simple, descending-bass guitar line.  As with the piano-based “Forever” and “Not Enough”, Brianna’s voice really shines against the sparse instrumentation.  As the song moves into the chorus, the guitar goes distorted, and Brianna can show off her power. 

All in all, this was a very satisfying offering.  If you want to know more about this up-and-comer, check her out at!

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