ArticlesMusic ReviewsStep Inside with “Welcome to Rehab”

D.N. RoweJanuary 6, 2022

Newley formed record label Rehab Musik just released a compilation album called Welcome to Rehab and it definitely feels like a look inside a world that they, as a whole and as individuals, genuinely live in and represent. These songs feel like letters from our younger-selfs and advice from our older-selfs at the same time, and speak to a generation full of strife and confusion. Depression, recovery, love, loss, determination, and fighting for everything we have are just a few topics and under lining messages within these tracks and have lyrics from killers of the underground rap scene such as Da Sniper 614, MVNDIA-Game, Drew West, Dekal, Yukmouth, Stray and Kerry Owens. “I kind of just let each artist do their own thing. Everyone submitted a record that they felt would benefit, and show who they are as an artist.” says Rehab Musiks‘ patriarch Joshua Carmack, a.k.a. Nastie Ink, who collabs with other members of the label on a handful of tracks. “Everyone but one artist is actually on it. Even our producer Dekal dropped a record for it, which is rare.”

Curious to dig a little deeper into the history of this brand, Nastie Ink states that “We are actually just in the beginning stages.” which evokes some excitement given that these clearly talented artists are only just beginning together as a unit. They’re clearly not fresh to the scene, some of the names I recognize from earlier days of horrorcore and other underground genres, MVNDI and Nastie Ink himself being prime examples, and hearing their growth to this point is cause for a smile because it’s proof that serious artists are still taking their passion and talent as far as they can possibly go. Being an artist myself, constantly pushing in todays social media climate is nothing short of maddening, and seeing this kind of determination and drive is definitely inspiring. In my opinion as an artist, live performer, listener, and lover of music, this compilation is a testament to a lot of things from both ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re just a lover of listening, an active musician, artist or otherwise, anyone can appreciate the work and talent put into this compilation.

The album wraps up with a song called “Prosper” done by Nastie Ink as his only solo song, that speaks from a place that everyone who relates to this type of music has been. “That track wasn’t actually originally going to go on this project. I had to fill a slot, so I took a track that was originally meant for an album I’m working on and finished it for this record. It definitely closed the project very well.” Carmack explains. There is something for just about everyone who enjoys solid underground Hip Hop, and I will be keeping an eye out for new and future releases from all the artists on this label. If music is therapy, this is definitely REHAB.