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STAT1STICK is developing a brand new album, “Echo”, based on material made two decades ago.  The album, which is planned to be released this October, will include the songs such as “Time of Heartache”, which is currently in video production and will be released in a couple of weeks, and “Technetium”. STAT1STICK’S first album, “All In My Head” was released in 2019 and included songs such as “All In My Head”, “Effection”, and “Horror Show”.

The industrial rock artist is adding more technological innovations with his craft. His aspirations for his work is to have fans go on a journey with visuals, sounds, feels, and sometimes smells. He has recently purchased some new equipment to help him reach a new world that he never believed that he could achieved. Listeners can find mainly industrial and rock element within STAT1STICK’s work, but there are many more elements that can be found. For instance, listeners will be able to find a rippling sound with a guitar riff in the beginning of “Time of Heartache”.

His music videos will also be more advanced. Being self- taught in video creation, STAT1STICK began with psychedelic and trippy elements, then went in to combining stock video footage in videos such as using old horror movie trailers in “Horror Show”. He strives to improve with each project and is incorporating cinematic effects in “Time of Heartache” as in “Technetium”. “Technetium” includes both a psychedelic and a story driven visual style within its video.

STAT1STICK has learned to trust himself more with song composition. He says, “I have found that my initial instinct is usually the right one. It’s not always obvious and I have the really ride it out before it really starts to come together. But once it does, you feel it.”

Songs have also served purposes such as to letting out emotions from past experiences, promoting creative independence, and providing insights from living life. “Time of Heartache” serves as a commentary on accepting death and the opening line is a metaphor of bodies rotting to the ground, but we change more as we live and die more.

Rising artists can also benefit from some advice that STAT1STICK has to offer. First of all, artists should save work that is already made because you may not remember it later and work could be impactful as well as enjoyable. STAT1STICK also encourages them to pursue their craft, even though it may come with some sacrifices. He notes, “ Like it or not, being an artist is a very temperamental thing. Your work is influenced by the energy of those around you and if that energy is negative, you will no longer enjoy the result of your artistic efforts. Sacrifice what causes you negativity and you will be better for it.”

Find out more on STAT1STICK on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Instagram, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Deezer! Be sure to look out for “Echo” and other future work!

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