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Anthony McDonoughJanuary 3, 2022

You are familiar with my writings with MUSE and Creature Feature, but there is something else I been a part of that I am proud to announce will be joining the First Angel Media family. Starting in 2022, The Gruesome Gazette will now be affiliated with First Angel Media.

To give you some background of what it is about, The Gruesome Gazette was started in 2019 with the idea of reviewing the latest and greatest horror movies. It was expanded to include sci-fi, horror movie soundtracks, and horror video games. Essentially, if it related to horror, you can expect to read some thoughts about it.

You have the monster tag team of me, known as the Tha Thrilla as well as my horror brother from another mother Mike Cleopatra. We are reviewing things nearly every day of the week, with different theme each day. Currently we have Musical Mondays, Terrifying Theatrical Tuesdays, Weirdo Wednesdays, Twisted Throwback Thursdays, and Foreign/Flashback Fridays. We also occasionally do top ten lists as well. There is a lot of content, and our reviews get pretty in-depth. We are closing in at over 500 reviews to start the year off.

Speaking of the Creature Feature, it will now be sponsored by The Gruesome Gazette. You can check out the new official website here. It is in the process of having new content added on, so be sure to keep your eye out as more reviews are added.

It is a work of passion, and looking to see where are growth takes us this year. Somethings in the work is including local independent films, podcasts or video reviews, and the goal of obtaining exclusives with a horror company such as Shudder. Pretty exciting stuff to come.

So definitely check out The Gruesome Gazette if you have yet to do so. There are scares aplenty, as well as oddities, and plenty of entertainment for those who love everything horror.