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Maria Michelle3 weeks ago248 min

     Some Faith is a Pittsburgh darkwave/ synth-pop Duo that started to take shape in August of 2019, when poet, vocalist Indigo Baloch sent over lyrics to the tracks that busy, producer Brian Sikes Howe had sent over. Indigo is the founder of the Black Cat Market and is on the board for the Mr. Roboto project while Brian is the front man for metal band, GreyWalker and rap-rockers Normal Creatures, works at Get Hip Recordings and runs Start The Beat Podcast. The two multitasking artists have been quietly fine tuning their dark wave/synth rock sound this last year until the release of their two singles “The Pain Has a Purpose” and “Liminal”. However the duo wasted no time in following up the two singles with the release of a six track EP that includes them. The EP, “A Lesson In Patience was released with a special live event back on October 30th. 

      “A Lesson in Patience” is a six track EP inspired by Paramore, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails. It starts with Some Faith’s single, “Liminal” and continues with “Harsh Flames”, “Hunger”, “The Pain Has A Purpose”(the other single the duo had already released), “The Tower And The Moon”, and ends with the duo’s own incredible synth-rock rendition of R.E.M.’s, “Losing My Religion”. 

     The first track on the EP, “Liminal” is an electronic dance beat that proves to be one of the more seductive sounding tracks of “A Lesson In Patience”. Between the robotic, disco pulses and Indigo’s vocals, the track has a very American Horror Stories vibe. Which is suiting, because the music video that was released with “Liminal” features an exorcism, but I don’t want to ruin it for you with more detail so go check out that video on their website via the link below! The second track, “Harsh Flames”, has Brian starting us off with a slow eerie sound before Indigo is guiding us into a catchy disco/ pop-like trance. My favorite part of the track is the bridge. The music stops and our darkwave vocalist spits ou t the word, “NOTHING”. Something about the hardness in her voice really makes this track. “Hunger”, the third track has a deep, lo-fi beat has an alluring or seductive energy to it like “Liminal”. This gruesome techno is accompanied by dark lyrics that twist into an upbeat chorus. When that song ends, it fades us into a foreshadowing robotic rhythm starting off the next one, “The Pain Has A Purpose”. This track is personally one of my favorites because of the poetic lyrics mixing with a Stranger Things-like rhythm and harsh drums. The harmonies in this song are also almost creepily seductive giving the song an alluring feel like the last track, “Hunger”. The last original track on the EP is “The Tower And The Moon”. It has a slow rhythm for most of the song with little explosions of energy, instruments and vocals during parts of the chorus. Despite the bursts, the overall song is calm and has a spiritual, euphoric tone to it that tie together Brian’s sound and Indigo’s words perfectly. “A Lesson In Patience” ends with a, for lack of a better term, badass, synth-rock cover of R.E.M’s, “Losing My Religion”. I don’t have a lot to say about this one except that they killed it. Brian was spot on with the synth-rock rendition of the beat and Indigo nailed the vocals with a slight harshness to her voice in this track. Collectively, this EP was a great first record for Some Faith and it really leaves us listeners wanting more!

You can follow Some Faith’s journey and check out merch, videos, and streaming music via Somefaith666.com

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