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Jess ZoricNovember 22, 2022

My friends have been telling me about Whisper Nest for a while now. It’s a cool little bar and venue in the heart of Millvale that’s known for having the coolest clientele in the music scene. Naturally, I had never been (LOL).  Happily, I finally had an opportunity last Thursday (11/17) to check the place out. Not only were two of my favorite bands, Some Faith and Faux Fear, PLUS a third band I’d wanted to check out, Take Me With You, all happened to be in the spot that night, but I was free! The stars were aligned, and I was off.

When I got in, I could see why people loved it there. The place was dark, but not too dark. Cozy, but not weird about it. Friendly and attentive, but still punk rock. The ambiance was on point. It’s also VERY affordable. I got my check way too early assuming it would be entirely higher than it was. I’ll have to go back soon and spend the rest of the money I assumed I was my first round.

First up was Some Faith, aka some of my favorite people in the ding-dong world.  Indigo (the vixen behind the vocals) and Brian (the creeper behind the controls) are both absolute forces of nature in this city. Their tracks are dark, dance-y, catchy, and infectious. They haven’t left my brain since, and I don’t want them too. This coupled with their extremely unique and cool visual act leave the audience star-struck. They constantly inspire me, and I want to be a “them” when I grow up.

Next to the stage was another personal favorite, Faux Fear. These cats are too cool for social media, so you better keep your eyes peeled for them. This is an act not to be missed. They ran down from Reading, PA to Pittsburgh for the first stop in their current tour. I had originally had the fortune of sharing the stage with them at a COOL AF spot in Youngstown, OH called The Wickyards. This is a group that absolutely rules the stage. They command your attention, and you’ll be more than happy to oblige. As usual, they stole the crowd with their old-school dark-synth powerhouse sounds and beautiful, haunting vocals leading the way.

Check out a bit of their cover of “Lovesong” by The Cure – does anything get any better than this?

Finally, we got to the headliner. I had heard a lot about Take Me With You, but I never had the pleasure of seeing the show. Now, I can safely confirm that I would like for me to take me with them. The lead singer was so lovely, I couldn’t help but be radiated to her even before I knew who she was. Her smile was contagious and her style was enviable. I was so happy to realize it was my beautiful friend I had made at the beginning who was closing out the night. That sound! That VOICE! Seeing them fill the joint with joy under the disco ball that night – it was an amazing time.

If you are a person who likes things that are good, please check out all 3 of these amazing acts (Some Faith, Faux Fear, and Take Me With You). And make sure to get those buns down to Whisper Nest pronto for a real nice time! Hopefully I’ll run into you there!

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  • Ryan O'Laughlin

    November 22, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    This was an unstoppable lineup. So glad I braved the oddly cold weather to attend!

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