Concert PhotographyEvent ReviewsSlam Band and Sam Show

Craig FerryJune 15, 2021

Today was the first show that I have been able to shoot in over a year and it felt “slamming” even in the heat to be running all around the stage, talking to musicians and standing in front of speakers trying to capture some great angles.  I’m glad to see that the music scene is opening back up.  I am thankful that Slam Band and Sam, a group you may recall from before, asked me to capture their show. They had the privilege, or should I say the Pittsburgh Arts Festival had the privilege of them performing on the main stage. Their set, like all the artists, was an hour long which was nowhere near the amount of time I would have liked to enjoy their music.

Slam Band and Sam is made up of six very talented musicians which perform together like they have been doing it for decades. At different points in their set they showcased the talents of each one of the band members. It was clear to me from the moment I met them at load in that they were a team, which made them that much better as individual performers.

They played some covers as well as their original music which made for a set that I thoroughly enjoyed. And I can tell that I was not alone as I saw people of all ages checking them out with a few dancers in the crowd on some of the numbers.

If you want to get a taste of their music, check them out on Spotify. But personally, I think they are a band that’s best experienced live. They have an energy that emanates through the crowd and makes you leave yearning for more. As luck would have it for those of you who’s attention I have gained, you don’t have that long to wait for their next show.

Slam Band and Sam is performing on July 2nd at the Thunderbird Cafe and Music Hall with four other bands. This is for Royal Honey’s release party, so you know it will be a good time. Tickets are still available.  If you have never been to the Thunderbird, it is a great venue which looks deceptively small from the outside. But once you enter the music hall from the bar area you will be amazed. Not only is it a bigger venue but it has an incredible sound system. I am planning on being there myself so I hope to see some of you as well.