Music ReviewsSkylar Astin: Still “Pitch Perfect” With Debut Single “Without You”

Kylie ThomasJune 26, 2021

Nothing says summertime like a song that lets you escape into a paradise of sunshine with the person you love most right by your side. That’s what actor Skylar Astin’s debut single, “Without You,” is all about. 

Astin is known for his acting and singing in movies like Pitch Perfect, TV shows such as Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and even for his role on Broadway in the original cast of Spring Awakening. Now, he’s breaking out of any old expectations and wowing the world with his own music. The kickstart to his solo music career? “Without You”, a song that embodies the warm feelings of hot summer nights and relentless love.

Skylar Astin
Last year, when the entire world was at a standstill, Skylar Astin decided he would embrace his newfound free time and work on something he always dreamed of making: his own solo music.

“Without You” features the best blend of pop music combined with indie and R&B undertones. The song is upbeat yet mellow in the vocals. It is best described as the aesthetic of a bright, blue ocean flowing against white, sandy shores as the sun beats down. The instrumentals send tingles through your eardrum with vibrating synths and high-hat percussion. The cherry on top is Astin’s sweet, soothing vocals that mix pop with R&B harmonies. 

Astin’s vocals bring the whole song together to create a summer anthem featuring love and balance. He sings about loving someone on a deep level and never wanting to be without them. The chorus rings out, “‘Cause I never want to live without you.” Astin has always had a great voice but, he’s mostly been in an ensemble. This single has given him the chance to show a more vulnerable, personal side through his lyrics and tone. It also showcases his tender melodies that fans don’t get to hear as often as they should. 

“Without You” is just a bite-size taste of what listeners can look forward to from Astin. For now, it’s time to sit by the pool under a sunny, blue sky and blare “Without You” all summer long. 

Stream “Without You” HERE.

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