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D.N. RoweOctober 5, 2021

What up fam! It’s the Denman here comin’ atcha with a fresh review. Today, I am reviewing a new song from the band Skies of Terra. If you don’t know them, you definitely need to check them out. They have put out some quirky, funny videos and make you laugh, but let me tell you, my brothers can make some kick-ass music!

The new song is called, “Salt of The Earth”, and it is a powder keg of a song!! It will literally shake you to your soul! In that good way, where you are so dang energized after listening, you know you can run through a brick wall if you had to!

This song is going to be on the upcoming Skies of Terra EP “The Party is Over” and was mixed and mastered by Gus Walner (shout out to Gus!).

So you start the song and you’re like, ‘what is this?’ It starts eerily, and then other sounds are added and finally drums kick in, and quickly everything becomes chaotic! And then…it starts to slow down…and tension is building….and bang! Everything kicks in and the main riff is pure power as it sets the tone for the song.

There is just so much to like about this song! The guitar work is really sweet! As a guitarist myself, I really appreciate good guitar work and that is the first thing that I am drawn to! I can’t forget about that tight rhythm section either! Wow! These guys got it going on! But then there’s the vocals! Powerful! And smooth! I mean he can really sing! The cherry on top….the growls! Oh man is it perfectly done and it is perfect for this song to really hammer home the message of the lyrics.

Let’s briefly talk about the lyrics. So uplifting and inspiring! I love the lyrics! I actually reached out to Clides Polanco and asked him if Skies of Terra were actually a Christian band because the lyrics have some strong biblical content. But he explained that “It is not, but it is more of a spiritual universal truth that applies to all peoples, not just Christians or the religious. We are all part of the human race, and we all have a responsibility to each other, and not just to ourselves. We get caught up on vanity and end up hurting ourselves when we miss this point, and in turn that hurts the human race. We are all bound together and need to understand that connectedness, and continue working together to keep the timeline alive and moving forward. There is profoundness in this song.

Again, there is sooo much to like about this song! You really need to check out Skies of Terra and when “The Party is Over” EP is released you need to add it to your personal collection.

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