Build the Scene Liveparsskell PARS584

adminSeptember 16, 2021

skell PARS584

Cameron Cruz Clark and Mikey P of skell drop by and give Bill and update on their new album, talk about Rock for Life, tattoos, and more on episode 584!

Interview Segment 1 with skell
Hear Cam interview Bill about the beginnings of Build the Scene and Rock for Life, how Bill met the guys in skell, and more.
Learn about the "stages" of Rock for life.
How far along is the new disc? (No wine before its time)
Listen to skell on Build the Scene Radio
Are there any hidden skell secrets or unknown facts?
Wally still owes Bill a tattoo… on Wally?!?
Interview Segment 2 with Cam and Mikey P
skell tattoos?
Find out about the song Menschheit
If you were meeting the devil at a crossroads, what would you be selling your soul for?
You can go back in time and follow any band around to hang out with and learn from, who would you pick?
Mikey P teaches us about Jimmi Hendrix.
What’s coming up for skell?