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EPK, Website, Press Kit

Services and hosting to get your EPK, Press kits and even build a website. Hosting for EPK’s is available.

Professional Photography

Concert photography is what we’re known for but our professional photographers do it all. Promotion shots, headshots, merchandise, models and more!

Graphic Design and Merchandise

Need a design for logos, flyers, merchandise or more? We have designers  to help!

Event Coverage

For any size and any type of event, our professionals have you covered.

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Promotion Services

Get help connecting to other outlets and making certain your content looks professional.

Media Outlet Services

Music reviews, various features, and more to help you make the most of your releases.

Your Ads, Our Website

Ads placement and direct advertising

Best for Bands, Small Businesses & Small Events
Best for Events and Growing Your Audience
Choose Your Package - Best for Large Events and Businesses