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There’s been a lot of fanfare lately in the Pittsburgh music scene and beyond about one Mr. Patrick McElravy. I’m actually not here to talk about him but rather this Jekyll and Hyde transformation he’s pulled off. How does one go from one of the biggest music enthusiasts and supporters, known for being a friend to all, quick with smiles and praise, and all around teddy bear to this barely chained, cunning beast of darkness he has breathed life into, set upon the world and named Seethe? We may never have the answer but with his newest video release “Piece by Piece” the monster is seen… and it is truly incredible.

“Piece by Piece” is so far the darkest and most powerfully raw release I’ve heard yet from Seethe, and I’ve heard them all. In previous tracks there is a moment of sadness, regret for the rage, sometimes almost a softness as this creation turns back to look at his madness. Light on either side yet doomed to the darkness. With “Piece by Piece” any kindness that may have been left in this monster’s heart is burned and black, leaving only a taste for revenge… and watching the madness realize itself in physical form, there is no doubt that he is capable of it. While many reviews I’ve read and watched tend to turn towards the dark and crashing beats of music, I’ve watched as the lyrics spun a tale of a man sliding sideways into the depths of the unknown. With this release that decline is no longer a slide but tipped to the side, landing the listener into the moments we’ve all felt but hidden. This “Fallen Angel of the Forlorn Machine” has turned his back on anything that may have once waited behind those golden gates of paradise and waits for the moment to strike back at it, intense anger expressed and it burns all within his path. Whatever Angel he lies in wait for will surely be destroyed.

In past interviews Patrick has said that he feels his music through Seethe is Queen of the Damned-esque. Well my Ann Rice fans, what say you? Is this what was missing from the novel – the raw emotions of something not quite human being torn apart inside? Is Seethe this same type of damned-but-glorious soul, destroying everything he’s ever wanted to save everything he’s ever loved? Perhaps the secret is he’s a modern, and heavier sounding, version of the Vampire Lestat, his voice carrying some hidden timber, spellbinding those who hear him… Or maybe it’s as simple as he is very human but has found a way to tap into the hidden darkness we all share and hope we never experience, yet somehow he’s survived to tell us the tales of our deepest insanity and pain. Overall the captivating lyrics go far beyond what’s expected from metal or trap music, an expression of this beast’s true intelligence and when mixed with such a violent force as it’s emotions of loss for eternity, making it a formidable foe for any it encounters.

So what comes next? So far this year, Seethe has been born into the darkness, tethered us to his story as he walks us through long nights and waking nightmares – but now has dropped us down into the pit of rage… Where does the journey go from here? He’s promised vengeance upon his foe, and I personally believe that this crazed and dark hero’s vengeance shall be both victorious and glorious. Not to fret, dear reader, we’ll have our answer on September 25th when Abstract Thoughts is finally unleashed upon the world. Until then, we wait….

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