Music ReviewsSeethe ‘Abstract Thoughts’ is Aggression Unrepressed

Ravyn XSeptember 25, 2020

Musical mastermind, head of Brutal Business Entertainment, Patrick McElravy brings another trap metal bombshell with his latest upcoming album “Abstract Thoughts” under his project Seethe. Imagine if you will, taking the love child of Marilyn Manson and Phil Anselmo, sledge hammering it through a cybernetic meat grinder, all while maniacally screaming into the void, and that’s still not as twisted and gnarly as what you’ll hear on this release. One thing is for sure, this man is definitely living up to the true meaning of the word brutal in every way possible with Seethe.

From the very onset of this project I could tell from what I heard that this was going to be in a class all of its own. After the EP Blueprints for Introspection was dropped in June of this year, I was really looking forward to the future of this endeavor. It did NOT disappoint. Each track hits like a freight train to the skull, vocally as well as with its grimy, distorted bass lines. They are short, hard, and destructive. It’s obnoxious, in your face, and makes you want to smash everything within your immediate environment. If you aren’t moving when you’re listening, then you aren’t feeling the intense rage just seething and oozing from within each song. Seethe is violently moshable, while still oddly danceable.

It’s incredibly difficult to highlight any specific tracks that stand above the rest. With songs like “Skin Crawler” which literally feels like its clawing its way through your flesh, and “Depravity”, which paints a vision of a disintegrating corpse digging its way to freedom from the darkest pits of internal purgatory, to “A Thousand Words” riding piggyback from the previous track into a tangled, snarling trap style beat that really showcases the lyrical range and skills that only Patrick is capable of delivering, all the way through to the two part title track of the album, “Abstract Thoughts” (Atrophy/(IN)closing), there’s such venomous rage released it’s almost inconceivable that this much emotion can even be contained in one person’s mind at all.

Abstract Thoughts further expands Seethe’s definition of trap metal, and is sure to be a premium addition to any metal or industrial lineup. There really is nothing else like it, and solidifies Seethe’s position in the future expansion of the label’s lineup, and really exemplifies what a pioneer artist spanning multi genres is capable of. And be sure to check out the other projects he works on such as 9 Stitch Method, South of Clarity, Sevol, and countless other projects and features. The future of Brutal Business Entertainment is cemented with Patrick leading the way in a post-COVID world, and this album thoroughly expresses that brutality in a way that only a man like him is capable of delivering.


  • Shawn Chase

    September 26, 2020 at 10:54 am

    This was good .. Still getting used to screams over trap beats but this was good

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