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Suzanne DeCree4 months ago2223 min

SaVenger has been working on writing songs for the last two and a half years. Hailing from Gibsonia, PA, the band wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered their first full-length album in their drummer’s home studio.

Future Nerves dropped on May 5th, 2020 and it is well worth the listen.

Combining punk-inspired vocals and heavy, driving guitar riffs, saVenger creates a unique style of straight-ahead Melodic Metal.

The album leads with its single, “Friends of Failure” and then heads into the much heavier “Lemonade Grenade”, which keeps the energy up and grooves all the way to the end.

Arguably the most interesting song on Future Nerves is “ICU”. Starting with a very ethereal and moody guitar line and quickly transitions to psychadelic. With it’s subtly microtonal riff laying under the spoken/sung hybrid vocals, the song presents an interesting texture from start to finish.

Toward the end of the offering, “Slashtronaut” once again starts with an intense and heavy riff. That riff breaks into a groove that is every bit as heavy. Contrasting that, the final song on the album “Ophelia Mary Grace” starts with a moody arpeggiated intro that continues through the verse.

SaVenger is comprised of Michael Fathauer on guitars and vocals, Steve Stiller on guitar, Jason Godek on drums and Brandon Vatter on bass. For a first effort, this is a solid offering and the band will only get better from here.

You can find saVenger on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram and bandcamp.

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