Saved by the Scene Vol. 2 – Depression

The holidays coupled with depression are a hard pill to swallow. Often times we feel we are alone in the midst of it, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. We often lose sight of the silver lining in it and the joy the holidays bring when in the throes of it. First Angel Media and Ambriek Creations bring you four individuals with their stories, their darkness and their light, all united under a common theme… We were #savedbythescene.

Featuring interviews from: Natasha Michelle of Animus, Clides Polancco of Skies of Terra, Fernando De La Cruz of Ambriek Creations, and Paul Lowe Jr. of Everyone Hates Everything

Filmed and produced by Ambriek Creations at our venue Templars

Saved by the Scene Documentaries:

Produced as a joint effort by First Angel Media and Ambriek Creations to support mental health as well as promote our belief that music heals. Our #savedbythescene section is part of the #findyourMUSE effort and with these registered hashtags you can find more related content and hopefully, music that helps you feel connected. We believe Music Unites Souls Everywhere (MUSE) and each Saved by the Scene documentary is paired with a benefit show whose proceeds go to a mental health nonprofit. Music isn’t just our job, it’s our passion and it’s something that has brought us through our darkest times. We hope that we can give back to the music scene that has saved us and help connect others who may be feeling lost.

We invite you to join us December 13th at Sub Alpine Society where the benefit and inspiration for this video, Depression, the Nightmare before Christmas, will be held. Proceeds will go to People’s Oakland. To find the first, self titled, Saved by the Scene video as well as more First Angel Media original released content visit our YouTube Channel.

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