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Throwback metal dominators Savage Master have been campaigning ruthlessly within the underground metal scene for the past 6 years, their Bitch/Exciter alchemy entertaining audiences at large festivals and intimate club gigs alike with a NWOBHM verve to compliment their leathery, spiked, shock-rock showmanship. A mere stroke of luck is not the reason for Savage Master’s growth in stature as a sought-after support act for bands such as High Spirits and even GWAR! Rather, Savage Master has the sorcery and battle-hardened skills to fortify and justify their success.

Last month, just in time for Halloween, Savage Master unleashed their third full-length album (through the old-school centric label Shadow Kingdom) in Myth, Magic and Steel, a record that shows the band refining their sound and cultural crusade. In particular, lead executioner Stacey Savage’s voice demonstrates more range over top increasingly impressive chords that would fit in perfectly on a label like Neat or Ebony back in the days of yore.

A sense of drama augments the solid, reverent songwriting, and the cunning musicianship of axe-wielders Larry Myers and Adam Neal permeates tracks such as “The Devil’s Ecstasy,” lurching doom jaunt “The Owl,” and racing, bracing “Crystal Gazer,” its stunning pauses and mystical chorus possessing the power to convert all but the most curmudgeonly of hessians.

Personal favorites from this stony dungeon of a record would include “Lady of Steel,” which includes some surprise guests, eerie, netherworld cruise “Far Beyond The Grave,” and ambitious, epic finale “Warrior Vs. Dragon,” a composition that recalls Sortilege, Manowar, and Manila Road at their respective zeniths.

Imagine Iron Maiden in their early years melded with some Girlschool and 80’s thrashers Sentinel Beast, and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from these electric barbarians. That is if you haven’t already caught a bit of their buzz, and if you haven’t…Stacey Savage has a cat-of-nine-tails waiting for you.

Those who live in metal’s rich past have had a newer band to look into and support for a little while now. Ignorance and complacency are no excuse! Light your torches for Savage Master!



Darren Lewis

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