Music ReviewsRoyal Honey Sweetens Up 2021 with “Cut N Run”

D.N. RoweMarch 16, 2021

Pittsburgh natives “Royal Honey” release “Cut N Run”, the long awaited new single that rocks, rolls, rattles and shakes. Instantly you’re brought into their classic sound; the steel city grit and attitude fueled riffs and groovy, busy bass lines accompanied by ripping Bon Scott-esque vocals. The verses groove and crank a tube amp distortion that takes you back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, and the chorus slides into this singable, fist raising, howling mantra of “Let’s start something were never gonna loose” because these boys are having too much fun. Exactly when you need it, this wailing solo screams through the speakers to charge the song fully to the end. The different vocal styles are a staple part of this piece and really drive you turn by turn, from shaking your hips to screaming and pumping your fists.

This piece truly feels like Royal Honey is trying to preserve the good times we all so desperately need right now. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been because they want to live in the moment, imploring all that hear this cranked up anthem to forget about things that don’t excite you in the moment. If it doesn’t serve you well, then maybe you shouldn’t waste your precious time. It isn’t hard to picture being in a bar with your friends, smiles on every face and drinks in every hand. Nobody is worried about work the next day, nobody cares what the news is going to say in the morning.

This song feels as if the band realizes that we need to carry on as normal as we can for what we are all going through. The Covid-19 pandemic worked it’s way into our lives, but it has left artists like Royal Honey to realize they are still artists, and we need to keep a good thing going. Let’s not ever Cut N Run from the being who we are.