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Royal Honey-Hype, Money, and Misbehavior

Royal Honey have been slinging, raw, dirty, fun, retro hard rock for almost a year now, and their debut EP, Hype, Money, and Misbehavior is set to drop tomorrow night at a record release show at Howler’s Coyote Café upon the stroke of ten. While they may be a new group, what this quintet has recorded thus far makes them sound as if they are a decades-old veteran act.

Opener “Dirty Romance” gets the party running quickly with a smashed bottle of champagne and a Slade-like swagger and a Rose Tattoo attitude, singer Bobby C. reeking of whiskey and charm throughout the raucous tale. They could be bluffing, but I already believe this band, whose keen guitar duo consists of Eric Rodger and Dave Musick, has seen and done it all.

“The Noose” is Status Quo gone evil, perhaps from hanging with Nazareth. The bar-brawling violence this song contains could serve as the soundtrack for a modern western film.

“Once Again” slides into a Southern rattlesnake slither across the room to bite somebody on the ass while instrumental “Honey On Your Thigh” grinds vivaciously as a set-up for “Sex Kitten,” a lewd, crude liason in the backseat with a Thin Lizzy touch and the mating instinct of Kix. “American Jive” is the last to leave, its Motley Crue/Foghat hybrid proving too irresistible to boot out, but alas, it’s time to turn out the lights at 2 a.m.

One hopes there will eventually be a full-length disc from these seasoned gents in circulation, but as it stands, this 6-track is a fine outing that will leave you with a throbbing enough hangover and a grin on your lips the following morn. Make sure you get to Bloomfield at 10 p.m. sharp to catch this bad business live (and to pick up the album), which I reckon is where Royal Honey’s music is best heard.

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