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Jana Lee MachecaAugust 2, 2017

     If the Three Rivers Regatta  This Saturday, August 5th isn’t enough for you, may I remind you that Smashmouth will be there? If you need anything more than that, how about an amazing band from Canada being brought in to open for them? That’s right, Pittsburgh, we are being invaded and you are gonna love it! Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold will be on stage at 5pm for you and you will fall in love! This band is pretty new, joining forces in 2016, but they have a history of rocking out and this is Rose Cora Perry’s second time in The Burgh. She was here for the Three Rivers Regatta in 2010 as a solo artist and is excited to head back to our “Very cool city” and take in everything she can while she’s here. When you put it into perspective that this woman who has been performing and writing since her childhood, as well as becoming a CEO of a record label at age 15, is thrilled to be back in our part of the music scene, that’s a good thing for us all!


    Why would Pittsburgh host a new band from outside of the U.S. for the 40th Anniversary show? Well, maybe because they are incredible. Not many bands can claim that within six months of forming, they were playing to crowds of over 25,000. Only 400 bands can claim they were chosen to take part of the Guinness Book of World Records attempt at the longest running concert ever, and they happen to be one of them. Their fan’s range is across the charts with a touch of something for everyone. Having grown up in the 90’s Rose Cora Perry embodies all we remember being great from that time, the same thing younger fans love to still hear. She lives for her music to “inspire, provoke thought, and relate” and with the help of her “Musical Partner-In-Crime”, Tyler Randall, they formed a powerhouse duo to accomplish that. The music keeps a light feeling but varies slightly on beats and guitars to create a scene that runs deep and intense. The melody stays with you, slightly haunting, sweet vocals, uniquely branding her as a stand out.


    Another thing that stands out are her videos. Rose Cora Perry released three singles from her album “Onto The Floor” and put them to video, but here’s where it gets interesting. While watching clips of the videos for this article I had to call her and ask her about what I found. In my usual journalistic run through for about a half minute of each clip, I got caught up in a story. Switching to the next video, I watched the story continue. When I asked Rose Cora Perry I got to hear the delightful twinkle in her laugh over my discovery. With a smile in her voice she explained that these weren’t just songs, they were pieces of her life and heart on display, and so she had created a video, short movie, experience. One video may hook you but, if you want to know how it ends, you must watch all three. This is relatable music, exactly as she promised, the theme of heartbreak and the voyage back are something we all understand, and her music opens it up in a way that makes you take the journey with her.


    All of this is coming to Pittsburgh, and it’s something you need to see. Check out the videos for Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold that bring you into her world. “Away I Go”, “Six Feet Under”, and “Empty” will captivate you and have you ready for her to charm you in real life at The Three Rivers Regatta, where her brand of new 90’s inspired music is the perfect opener for Smashmouth. She hits the stage at 5pm but before she does, follow the links to find out even more about her!


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