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Rod Wilkins Interview

Name: Rod Wilkins 

I got to chat with Rod Wilkins from Rod Wilkins and the L.O.C. band recently.
Rod Wilkins is from the Connellsville Area and has been an active musician for many years.
The L.O.C. band members Dan Jones (drummer) & Fancy Mike Hixson (bassist) are also from Connellsville. Guitarist Denman Dennis Ricci resides in Plum while
newcomer and guitarist ‘Sid’ Jason Sadekoski lives in Greensburg.

Position in the band: Songwriter, Singer, All Guitars, Drums

1) Briefly tell us about yourself.

Self-taught musician on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar and Vocals. 35 years experience. Writing and Recording songs for the past 30 years.

Played in numerous local cover bands in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

All styles of music from Heavy Metal, Rock, Blues, Country, 80’s Music and 90’s Music. Now focusing more on original music.

Debut Solo Album released October 2019 titled Out of My Head

2) If you didn’t decide to be in a band, what do you think your passion would be?

Record Producer 

3) What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked during an interview?

This one. Lol

4) If you could collaborate with anyone, who would that be and why?

Randy Rhoads! I feel he was the greatest guitarist ever. 

I would love to just sit with him and watch him play. 

5) At this point in your music career, do you think you could get any better as a musician and how?

Yes, I can get better. Practice, Practice, Practice. Continue listening to different styles. Open up my mind to new ideas. 

6) If you could relive any moment in music history where would you go and why?

I would go to where Randy Rhoads got in that plane and tell him not to!

Actually, the last show that Stevie Ray Vaughn played people said it was his greatest show ever. It was as if the sky opened up and light was shining down on him. 

7) What is your inspiration when writing music?

Inspiration for writing songs come from all over the place. A guitar riff, a chord progression, a vocal medley, an accident when playing! I have been playing something and mess it up and come upon something new and different. I call those “happy accidents”. Hear a cool phrase for a song title. It happens when I’m not looking for it. 

8) Speaking of Out of My Head, how did the album get made?

2-3 hours a week for 4 months. Made a simple Click track then started adding guitar parts. 3 guitar parts on each song. Then added Bass guitar and Drums. 

Vocals and Solos were done last. 

9) In your opinion, what is the best song you’ve recorded?

I always say…The one I didn’t write yet.

I would say the best song is “Let it Rain”

11) Are you guys playing live anywhere soon? Provide the details!

Yes! Yinzmas – December 21st at Mr. Smalls.

Catch Rod Wilkins and the L.O.C. band at the upcoming shows:
12/7-Toys For Tots Benefit (Smitty’s in Uniontown)
12/21-Yinzmas (Mr. Smalls Theater)
1/24-The Tubes (Jergels)