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Rock for Life: 22 Years of Defining Summers

22 years ago I added a section to a band’s website for a benefit concert that they were holding. I didn’t know it then, but I signed and sealed most of my summers’ itinerary for almost a quarter of a century. It started in 2000. Let that sink in for a moment, 2000! I am talking about the Rock for Life Concert Series.

Started by percussionist Matt Ferrante and bassist Steve Craven of the band Hybrid. Today, the event is run by Matt and Summre Ferrante, Craig Petho, Sam Epolite, and Dave Lyons. If you look up “staying power” in the dictionary, you’ll find this concert series on that page. In a time of short attention spans, this group of friends have kept a concert series going for 22 years! They’ve turned a small music scene into a family. Don’t underestimate the power of music. Even after 22 years, there are people that haven’t heard of it. So let me introduce you!
Rock for Life - Ella

It is the mission of Rock for Life to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose.

Recipient(s) of support will be determined annually, utilizing selection criteria guidelines as adopted by the Directors. Financial support may be provided to a needy individual or a non-profit organization that supports the mission of Rock for Life.

Okay you have my attention…

Where does this take place, you may ask. This year both Gigaroo and Rock for life will take place at the Iselin Community Park and A Concert for Anna will take place at JB’s Roadside Bar & Grille.

What does it cost to attend the Rock for Life concerts?

For Gigaroo and Rock for Life, you get 2 days of music for $20. This includes the ability to camp for the duration of the weekend right at the venue. A Concert for Anna will cost you $10 per individual night OR you can get into all 3 nights for just $25! All 3 concerts are pay at the door events.

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