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River Knight release She Came Round – An exciting, genre blending song, filled with catchy hooks and melodies, telling the tale of one evening between friends, lifting the veil of sadness and shining eternal positivity, combined with a lot of fun.”

Now doesn’t that sound like just what a lot of us need after 2021?  Wasn’t that the year everything was supposed to be better?

It’s no mystery a lot of us have had it rough.  River Knight’s new single, “She Came Round” is more than just a positivity anthem; it’s a reminder that the most beautiful things in life sneak up on you.

Indeed, the song is true to form.  What begins with a fairly simple, slightly bitter-sweet acoustic lick slowly and sneakily builds in layers and presentation.  Harmonicas, more guitars, and is that a muted trumpet?  The song progresses into a lot more going on than it begins with, and yet the execution of that approach is masterful.  The effect is two-fold; on one hand, every layer is completely complimentary to the one right on top of it or below it.  You hear everything.  The second point is that you never really notice the next layer appear!  You’re captivated by singer Darren Knight’s soulful voice, and the words they deliver, and if you stop to pay enough attention, you’ll notice that more instruments join.  It’s almost like a choir of people slowly and gradually joining hands, little by little, until they’re all singing together.

Lyrics such as “It’s gonna be alright…nothing’s gonna change, it’ll always be the same…” seem deceptively reassuring, but the musical bed they lay on assures you they’re telling you the truth.  You believe them.  You may even believe them enough that you find a tear in your eye.

River Knight’s EPK suggests that the tragic passing of Darren Knight’s wife prompted him to begin writing along with support system and musical friend, Stone River.  The result is music that the world desperately needs right now.  This is music for people who’ve been through enough hell to know when to stop glamorizing it, and to start supporting each other. It’s a song that opens slowly, rises like a sunrise, never overwhelms, but leads you gently by the hand into a place where you don’t have to hurt anymore.  In all honesty, it’s a quick 180 from my usual listening habits, but it was so refreshing for that very reason.

Yes.  Life is hard.  We don’t have to be.  We can lift each other through just about anything if we just stop and smell the roses long enough to realize that we’re all in this together.  And may the music gods bless River Knight for serving as that reminder in a very tasteful and musical way.

You can now find the song “She Came Round” as well as their track “Mystic Miles” on the Current Official First Angel Music Playlist:

I won’t get into the rest of their catalog here, but I will suggest you check it out.  And you definitely need to dive into the music video for “She Came Round” below!