Concert PhotographyEvent ReviewsRight Turn Clyde at Steamworks Creative 11-5-21

Another photoshoot, another new to me venue. This time, I was checking Facebook after work when I saw a request to cover a show the same night because a photographer had to drop off at the last minute. I saw that the show was happening at Steamworks Creative, a venue that I had on my bucket list. So I looked at the time and had about 2 hours until show time, Next, I checked the “calendar” and sent Right Turn Clyde a message to see if they still needed a photographer. As luck would have it, I was in. I rushed to get myself ready in a short amount of time and headed to Gibsonia.

I had seen photos inside Steamworks Creative, but I wasn’t really ready for what I was in for. The venue is touted as a community listening room. It is a great place for an intimate show. They have a 50 person capacity in a very beautiful room. The venue is ran 100% by volunteers! If you’re in a smaller band looking for an amazing venue, you should consider booking this room. If you’re a music fan looking for a night out, you should consider checking out their upcoming shows.

Let’s talk about Right Turn Clyde. I was familiar with the band, but had not seen them live. They were using this night to bring their new lineup up on stage and get acclimated. They played covers of songs that had me singing along and snapping away. I tend to take more photos when I’m into the show. I TOOK 823! Their setlist basically spanned my favorite genres and decades. I thoroughly loved the time I spent with them last night.