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Patrick McElravy3 months ago614 min


The Invitation

From the woods of West Virginia, horror metal juggernauts Vetis have emerged to haunt your dreams with their newest sonic assault “The Invitation”. This album is a must have for any metal fan, playing out like a walk in the woods at night with that suspicious feeling something or someone is watching you.

Without a doubt, the shrieks and sounds that are heard on “The Invitation” are ones we have all heard before. The band doesn’t spend time dazzling you with technical skill, but rather build an atmosphere that swallows you whole and sucks you in. Mid paced riffs lay out and mold each track. Inserted through out the fog, Vetis lay down some haunting clean guitar passages to add to the already brooding atmosphere.

Key cuts from “The Invitation” include the sinister “Death in Texas” and the ghoulish closing tracks “The Crown” and “The Witch”. Vocalist Kevin DeMine does an excellent job of painting the landscape with his lyrics and vocal abilities. He does a fantastic of pulling off extreme vocal styles cleanly, being able to understand and decipher his lyrics throughout the album. On “Death in Texas” and “The Crown” we see guitarist Brad Worthington smartly place the before mentioned clean guitar passages to build up the atmosphere before pummeling the listener with dense riffage. On closing track “The Witch” we see the band work best here, starting out the with a very haunting yet beautiful female vocal line. Very well done here, a great intro to what in my opinion is the bands best track. The song trudges and stomps with the bands initial sound but the atmosphere and vibe created here is dark and dense to say the least.

Overall Vetis have crafted themselves a very consistent and evil album. I was a little disappointed to hear the lack of bass in the production on the album, as I feel a Jason Sweeney’s low end groove would have definitely added more depth to the band’s already caustic sound. Be sure to keep tabs on these guys. With an album like “The Invitation”, Vetis will surely be carving their niche in the black metal scene.



Patrick McElravy

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